All About the ‘Seo Sisters’: Seo Yu-na AOA and Seo-yool Berry Good (Full Profile, Siblings, and Highlight Moment)


Siblings in K-Pop, Seo Yu-na and Seo-yool

Now, we will discuss one of the K-Pop siblings, namely Seo Yu-na and Seo-yool, also known as Seo Sisters. Actually, a lot of sibling relationships in Entertainment world, such as the famous Jung Sisters, namely Jung Soo-yeon and Jung Soo-jung, they debuted as two different girl groups under SM Entertainment.

Relationships between siblings in Korean idols, making each other always support their respective groups, there are also brothers who are in one group and support each other while one is in a difficult situation, for example Twin Siblings or Youngmin and Kwangmin from BOYFRIEND. Siblings-relationships in Entertainment World include idols in Korea, making inspiration even in the same or different groups, they still need to support and protect each other. Well, lets get to know more about Seo Sisters!

Introducing, Seo Sisters! Seo Yu-na and Seo-yool

In an interview, Seo-yool or sister of AOA’s Seo Yu-na said that she really wanted her closeness with Yuna just like Jung Sisters or Jessica and Krystal. The closeness of Jung Sisters really inspired many people, they did not hesitate to support each other and protect each other. Seo-yool also said that she was the toughest fan of her own sister, her gallery was also filled with photos of Yuna, “I want to be a celebrity brother like Jessica and Krystal,” Seo-yool said.

AOA’s Seo Yu-na Profile
  • Name : Seo Yu-na
  • Date of Birth : December 30, 1992
  • Age : 27 years old
  • Position : Main Vocalist, Keyboardist
  • Height : 163 cm
  • Weight : 45 kg
  • Blood Type : O
  • Zodiac : Capricorn
  • Agency : FNC Entertainment
  • Instagram : @yn_s_1230

Berry Good’s Seo-yool Profile
  • Real Name : Seo Yu-ri
  • Stage Name : Seo-yool or Seoyul
  • Date of Birth : November 26, 1997
  • Age : 22 years old
  • Position : Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
  • Height : 161 cm
  • Weight : 45 kg
  • Blood Type : O
  • Zodiac : Sagittarius
  • Agency : JTG Entertainment
  • Instagram : @y__s._.s__

Siblings in FNC Entertainment

FNC Entertainment shows its artists who have a brother or sister by rotating for InStyle. CNBLUE’s Jungshin, AOA’s Yuna, and N.FLYING’s Jaehyun participated in the photo shoot.

First, Lee Jung-shin posed with his brother Lee Yong-shin. Lee Jung-shin said, “One day, I hope you have a gallery taken in collaboration with my older brother.”

Second, N.FLYING’s drummer Kim Jaehyun took posed with his older sister that former member from girl group RAINBOW, Kim Jaekyung. Jaehyun showed his love for his older sister, revealing that he saved her number as Goddess in his phone contacts. He also admitted that during his middle school days, he folded 1000 paper cranes to give to Kim Jaekyung for her birthday.

Last, Yuna posed with her sister Seo-yool. Yuna also shared how much she cares for her little sister. “When Seo-yool said he was going to go to the same path as me, as a singer, I was really worried because I know how difficult this profession can be,” Yuna said.

Seo Sisters Moments Together

On several moments Seo Yuna and Seo-yool often capture their photos together and upload them to their social media which indicates that they support each other, when AOA comeback or Berry Good comeback. Their cohesiveness is very appreciated by their fans, although different groups but they still support each other’s groups.

Yuna and Seo-yool have the same nose and eye shape, really very beautiful and adorable. They both always capture moments together if there is a chance.

At that time, AOA and Berru Good had the same time for a comeback, Yuna provided support for Berry Good and Berry Good to provide support for Yuna and AOA, and they exchanged albums.

Yuna and Seo-yool are also compact in doing selfies in the same style. They both look beautiful and charming with natural makeup. Even though Yuna with short hair and Seo-yool with long hair, they both look like twins.

Well, what do you think? Good luck for AOA and Berry Good!

That’s All About the ‘Seo Sisters’: Seo Yu-na AOA and Seo-yool Berry Good (Full Profile, Siblings, and Highlight Moment). I hope you get more information about your idol and Korean entertainment. There are a lot of more information about it in Byeol Korea. So, don’t miss it! If you have some questions or want to add additional information please put the comment below.