All Information About Korean Actor Yoo Jun-sang (Profile, Running Man, Movie and Drama List)


Jun-sang’s Complete Drama List

Yoo Jun-sang
Title Role Channel Year
Kka-chi-ne SBS 1994
Agatha Christie 1995
Expedition of Men 1996
MBC Best Theater “Man Opening the Refrigerator Door”  Jae-min MBC
When the Salmon Returns  Han Hae-joon SBS
Wedding Dress KBS2 1997
MBC Best Theater “Tricycle” Min-soo MBC
MBC Best Theater “Until You Fall Asleep” Man
Hope Inn KBS2 1998
Sunday Best “April Concerto” Joon-ho KBS2 1998
I Love You, I’m Sorry
Stranger Beom-soo MBC
White Nights 3.98 Kim Jin-seok SBS
Young Sun Yoon Je-hyuk 1999
We Saw a Lost Little Bird KBS2
Sunday Best “A-thirty-one-year-old’s First Kiss” 1999
Cello Park Ki-tae SBS
The Last War Kim Tae-Joong MBC
Goodbye My Love Song Dae-ho
Magic Castle Lee Pong-jin KBS2 1999
Butcher’s Daughter SBS 2000
The Full Sun Kang Min-ki KBS2
How Should I Be? Na Ki-chan MBC 2001
Life is Beautiful Nam Jung-woo KBS2
Fox and Cotton Candy Bong Kang-chul MBC
Affection Jo Byung-soo SBS 2002
Inspector Park Mun-su Park Mun-su MBC
The Woman Who Wants to Marry Shin Joo-ho 2004
Land Kim Gil-sang SBS 2005
Young-jae’s Golden Days Eom Joong-seo MBC 2005
Catching Up with Gangnam Mom Seo Sang-won SBS 2007
My Husband Got a Family Bang Gwi-nam/Terry Kang KBS2 2012
The Secret of Birth Hong Gyung-doo SBS 2013
My Love From the Star cameo episode 2-3
Heard it Through the Grapevine Han Jeong-ho 2015
Working Mom Parenting Daddy  Lee Moon-han MBC 2016
Pied Piper Yoon Hee-sung tvN
Distorted Lee Seok-min SBS 2017
Live or Die Lee Poong-sang KBS2 2019


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