All Information About Korean Actor Yoo Jun-sang (Profile, Running Man, Movie and Drama List)

Yoo Jun-sang

Get Closer With Korean Actor and Singer, Yoo Jun-sang

Yoo Jun-sang is a Korean actor and singer, he was born November 28th, 1969. Jun-sang started his career in 1995. He is known from when he was starring in the movie Ha Ha Ha in 2010, and then followed by other films, such as The Day He Arrives (2011), and In Another Country (2012). In Wide Awake (2007) and Moss (2010), Jun-sang got praised for his acting as a supporting character.

His popularity increased, even more, when he got the main role in the television drama My Husband Got A Family, in 2012. Besides that, Yoo Jun-sang has also been active in musical theater and he has joined many theater productions, notably The Three Musketeers, Jack The Ripper, and The Days. Yoo Jun-sang is a graduate from Dongguk University. He got married to Hong Eun-hee in 2003 and they have been blessed with two sons.

On December 19th, 2013, he released his first album Junes that includes seven songs. Then, on November 13th, 2014, he released his second album J N Joy 20, featuring guitarist Lee Jun-hwa.

Yoo Jun-sang’s Movie List

Yoo Jun-sang
Title Role Year
Tell Me Something Kim Gi-yeon 1999
Nightmare Jung-wook 2000
Go Back, Red Peter’s Confession 2001
Show Show Show San-hae 2003
Wedding Campaign Hee-chul 2005
Wide Awake Kang Wook-han 2007
Like You Know It All Mr.Go 2009
Where is Ronny… In-ho
Ha Ha Ha Bang Joong-sik 2010
Moss Prosecutors Park Min-wook 2010
The Last Blossom Kim Geun-deok 2011
List (short film) 2011
The Day He Arrives Seong-jun
In Another Country Lifeguard 2012
R2B: Return to Base Lee Cheol-hee
Touch Park Dong-sik 2012
Zambezia Tendai the Peregrine Falcon (voice, Korean dubber)
Nobody’s Daugther Haewon Joong-sik 2013
Fists of Legend Lee Sang-hoon
The Target Song Gi-cheol 2014
A Matter of Interpretation Detective 2015
Angry Painter Painter 2015
Right Now, Wrong Then Ahn Seong-gook
Gosanja, Daedongyeojido Heungseon Daewongun


All of Yoo Jun-sang’s Running Man Appearances

Yoo Jun-sang

Yoo Jun-sang appeared in the variety show Running Man invited as a guest star in episode 103, in 2012. However, he was behind the scenes and was not included directly in the challenges and missions.

Yoo Jun-sang was only given a mission to eliminate all the cast members and the princess. The instructions for his mission were hidden beneath the Princess’ name tag and he would be sent to jail if he is arrested first. Then Mr. PD gives him a clue informing him that if Yoo Jun-sang finds the briefcases with the name tags, then those cast members are automatically eliminated.

Yoo Jun-sang

He flies out the door once he’s told the location of the three briefcases and he’s so eager to find them that he gets ahead of his VJ. The cast members are at the final mission location and they realize that they have to hunt down the Beast to win. But the identity of the Beast is hidden beneath the princess’ name tag. Jae-suk finds himself separated from the other members, then Yoo Jun-sang runs on a freakin’ table to scare him.

Yoo Jun-sang

Jun-sang uses this opportunity to his advantage and tells Jae-suk that if he doesn’t want to be eliminated, he has five minutes to tear another person’s name tag. However, it turns out that Jae-suk gets fooled by Jun-sang giving him the opportunity to rip Jae-suk’s name tag and by doing so automatically eliminate Jae-suk.

In this episode, Yoo Jun-sang is very clever to fool other members into carrying out missions. Here is Running Man episode 103, let’s check it out!

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