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Stray Kids’ Discography

Mini Albums

  • MIXTAPE (January, 2018)
    • Hellevator
    • Beware (Grrr 총량의 법칙)
    • Spread My Wings (어린 날개)
    • Yayaya
    • Glow
    • School Life
    • 4419
  • I AM NOT (March, 2018)
    • NOT!
    • District 9
    • Mirror
    • Awaken
    • Rock (돌)
    • Grow Up (잘 하고 있어)
    • 3rd Eye
  • I AM WHO (August, 2018)
    • Who?
    • My Pace
    • Voices
    • Question
    • Insomnia
    • M.I.A
    • Awkward Silence (갑자기 분위기 싸해질 필요 없잖아요)
  • I AM YOU (October, 2018)
    • You
    • I Am You
    • My Side (편)
    • Hero’s Soup (해장국)
    • Get Cool
    • N/S (극과 극)
    • 0325

Digital Single

  • Hellevator (2017)

Stray Kids’ Filmography

  • Stray Kids
    • Channel: MNet
    • Date: October 17 – December 19 2017
    • Episodes: 10
    • Cast: All members
  • The 9th V Live
    • Channel: V Live
    • Season: 1 – 3
    • Cast: All members
  • Intro: I Am Not
    • Channel: V Live
    • Cast: All members
  • Intro: I Am Who
    • Channel: V Live
    • Date: July 24, July 31 2018
    • Episode: 1 – 2
    • Cast: All members
  • Stray Kids Amigo TV 3
    • Channel: V Live, JTBC PLUS
    • Date: December 31 2018
    • Cast: All members
  • Two Kids Room
    • Channel: V Live, Stray Kids
    • Episode: 1 – 10
    • Cast: Two Stray Kids members per episode
  • Stray Directors
    • Channel: SBS TV
    • Date: October 6 2018
    • Cast: Hyun-jin, I.N
  • Intro: I Am You
    • Channel: V Live
    • Date: October 16, 2018
    • Cast: All members
  • Two Kids Room Vol 2
    • Channel: V Live
    • Episode: 1 – 10
    • Cast: Two Stray Kids members per episode
  • After School Club
    • Channel: Arirang
    • Date: April 3 2018, May 29 2018,
    • Episode: 310, 318, 329, 340
    • Cast: All members
  • After School Club
    • Channel: Arirang
    • Date: July 24 – December 25, 2018
    • Episode: 326 – 348
    • Cast: Seung-min
  • After School Club
    • Channel: Arirang
    • Date: June 13, July 17 2018
    • Episode: 320, 325
    • Cast: Bang Chan
  • After School Club
    • Channel: Arirang
    • Date: December 25 2018
    • Episode: 348
    • Cast: Felix

Stray Kids: The Reality Show

On October 7, 2017, Mnet and JYP released the official teaser for the Stray Kids reality show, a survival program that has the concept of a group of trainees who has a spirit to debut against JYP. In order to debut, they need to accomplish some missions and prove that they are ready.

Usually, before debuting a group, JYP and team will hold a meeting to figure out which trainee should fill the spot in the group as a member. But unlike the usual routine, this time the trainees that would become Stray Kids members were picked by Chan, himself, who had been chosen as the leader since he’d been a trainee for a long time.

On the first episode, it was shown that the male trainees’ group that Chan put together had a battle with the female trainees’ group, the group that was carefully picked by JYP. In the end, the male trainees won the battle and would soon debut.

However, the path to making a debut wasn’t quite that simple. They needed to complete some given missions. For example, they had a challenge to compose a song themselves, had to do 3:3:3 performances, and even have a battle with YG trainees. Although it was first said that there wouldn’t be any eliminations for this group, Lee Know and Felix were eliminated because JYP said that they were still lacking skills they needed, and the agency decided to take them down from the group.

During the last episode, however, JYP said that the members still make some mistakes here and there, but when they were performing as a nine-members group, their expressions are alive, so the two eliminated members were added back to the group.


Way before Stray Kids made an official debut in 2018, 3Racha has started to release a mixtape in Sound Cloud in January, 2017. 3Racha consists of three members, CB97, SPEARB, and J.One. The three of them were none other than Bang Chan, Chang-bin and Han. By looking at their code names, can you guess who is who?
Yes, CB97 is for Bang Chan, SPEARB is for Chang-bin, and J.One is for Han. Not only did they release a mixtape that consisted of seven songs, but they also released two albums, 3Days, that released before Stray Kids started to air on TV, and Horizon that released in January 2018, for the first anniversary of 3Racha.
You can find all the songs that they wrote and composed by themselves on Sound Cloud.

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