Introducing Full Profile of NCT 127 Members in Popularity Order! Also Their New Members


NCT127 New Member Profile

Two new members joined from 2nd mini album “Infinite my LIMITLESS” announced in January 2017. From here we will introduce the profile of the new member!

Full Profile of Johnny (JOHNNY / 쟈니)


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  • Birthdate: February 9th, 1995
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Blood type: B

Johnny had been introduced early as the SM rookies, but there’s no invitation to join a unit. In 2007 he became a trainee of SM Entertainment, and he was also a member candidate for EXO who is a senior group at the time. After a practice period of about 10 years, he finally made a debut as a member of NCT127 in 2017.

Johnny is a Korean American from Chicago, USA. Contrary to his cool looks, he’s actually bright, cheerful and his personality traits are so American-ish. He wakes up earlier than anyone in the morning and says that he likes to drink coffee slowly. He’s a mood maker who excites the group as a new member.

Full Profile of Doyoung (DOYOUNG / 도영)


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  • Birthdate: February 1st, 1996
  • Height: 179 cm
  • Blood type: B

Joined not only NCT U but also NCT127 from 2017, Doyoung is in charge of vocals. He is called “a rabbit who is good at singing” from Yuuta of the member, and they are gaining popularity with rabbit-like cute looks and singing skills.

Doyoung who had a dream of becoming a singer passed an audition in 2013 and became a superb trainee. In 2015 he became an MC of music program with Jaehyun. He is good at talking, even before his debut he’s often being the one who put the members together. He is a member who often appeared in various variety programs.

His actual older brother is a member of the actor unit “5urprise (surprise)”, Gong Myung, they’re like public entertainment family.

What is the reason of the increasing member of NCT127?


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NCT127 has announced the second album in January 2017. What is the reason why two new members have increased?

NCT is a group originally an unrestricted number of members. The members that are currently formed are not only fixed members, but they are also only composed for each song. The reason why the number of members increased this time has not been clarified, but it is obvious that more attention was gathered since Johnny and Doyoung joined them.

Also, in Korea, since a large number of idol groups are gaining popularity, it’s only natural if they’re aware of the trend, isn’t it?

As mentioned above, we have introduced members of NCT 127 in popularity order! NCT always has a plan, now what kind of development they will bring later? Let’s keep an eye on NCT from now on!