Introducing Full Profile of NCT 127 Members in Popularity Order! Also Their New Members


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Introducing the profile of NCT 127 in popularity order!

Korea’s leading entertainment office which sent out BoA, Tohoshinki, Girls’ Generation etc, SM Entertainment, created new boys group named NCT in 2016.

It is a boys group that has never been seen before, with the keywords “infinite opening” and “infinite extension”, members are substituted flexibly depending on the songs and themes, without limiting members.

It is composed mainly by members of “SM Rookies” who is a trainee of SM Entertainment, and currently formed 3 units; “NCT U” which is currently formed, “NCT 127” which is active mainly in Korea, and “NCT DREAM” with average age 15.6 years old. They are announcing the idea of forming new units for each of the major cities in the world such as Japan and China in the future.

How to read NCT 127? What does it mean?


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The group name was named by combining the initials of “Neo Culture Technology”. Also, 127 is the longitude of Korea · Seoul. It seems that the meaning of “going from Seoul to the whole world” was put in it.

This time check the profile of “NCT 127” members! We will introduce members in popularity order, in reference to the number of views of individual cameras of the music program “M COUNT DOWN”, one of Korea’s popular indicator!

Full Profile of Tae Yong (TAEYONG / 태용)


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  • Birthdate: July 1st, 1995
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Blood type: O

Tae Yong, a representative member of NCT. He announced solo songs before debut, participated as a featuring in another group, and has gained attention early.

Tae Yong was scouted in 2012 to become a trainee in SM entertainment. After 4 years practice period, he debuted as a member of NCT U. He became the leader of NCT 127 which he participated next. A dance that makes use of long hands and feet, he surely has a unique presence!

In a cool and perfect look that is unexpectedly eye-catching, fans said: “His face is amazing!”. Furthermore, Taeyong is famous for his love for cleanliness. It seems that he can not sleep at night unless he cleaned up the room and he also cleaned up his roommate, Taeil’s space, too.

Full Profile of Jae Hyun (JAEHYUN / 재현)


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  • Birthdate: February 14th, 1997
  • Height: 179 cm
  • Blood type: A

Jaehyun debuted as NCT U. He was scouted in 2013 and became a trainee, and in 2015 he’s selected as MC for the music program in spite of his debut. With his noble facial features and a gentle smile, he has captivated many fans.

It was Jaehyun who had no experience of singing or dancing, but now it grows to take charge of vocals, taking advantage of that husky voice! There is also sexiness in his dance, and now he is the central member of NCT.

In his private aspects, it is said that he likes to visit exhibitions on holiday, showing his art-loving side. There are also rumors that his parents are rich because they lived in America during childhood. He’s like a young master, quietly doing things at his own pace.

Full Profile of Mark (MARK / 마크)


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  • Birth date: August 2nd, 1999
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Blood type: A

Mark is the only person in NCT that is participating in all units. He is said to be the “busiest high school student in Korea” and is an important member of the NCT who performs rap, dance, song and literally everything.

Mark was born in New York, USA and moved to Canada as a child. He participated in SM Global Audition in 2012 and became a trainee at the age of 12. After 4 years of the practice period, he made debut as a member of NCT U. As the oldest member in NCT DREAM, he’s appointed to be the leader.

As SM affiliated artists are often said to be “idol rap”, Mark has excellent skills of rap making use of native English. He also writes the lyrics by himself. Even from other members, he’s praised to be the ultimate hard worker of practice. It seems like he’s a very hardworking person.