All You Need to Know About MYNAME’s Chaejin (Profile, Dating Scandal, Instagram, and Latest News)


Information About Scandal MYNAME’s Chaejin and Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyun-ah

MYNAME is a group that debuted in 2011, alongside other top rookies of the year such as Block B, B1A4 and M.I.B. Their hit singles Message and Hello & Goodbye received more than just a warm welcome, both in Korea and abroad. The five-member group, who were previously known as Hwanhee’s Boys, started focusing on their Japanese career right off the bat after they debuted. That cost them some popularity domestically, as with each coming year, more and more popular rookies started debuting.

Their lack of presence in the domestic Korean pop industry led four of the members, except for In-soo, who was on hiatus and in the military, to join the idol rebooting show, The Unit. Their time on the show went as expected, and had some positive impact in their popularity thereafter.

What was shocking was the scandal that erupted with member Chaejin after the show concluded. So who is Chaejin? What is his role in MYNAME? Is the scandal about him dating true? Let’s take a look and find out!

MYNAME’s Chaejin Profile and Facts

Full Profile

본명 Chae Jin-suk
Birthdate December 26th 1995 (23 Years old)
Birth Place Seoul
Height 176 cm
Weight 56 kg
Blood Type B
Family Parents, Younger Brother
Academic Background School of Performing Arts Seoul
Performance Arts Major at Chungbuk Health and Science University
Debut MYNAME’s Digital Single Message in 2011
Entertainment Agency H2 Media
Position Sub-Vocal


  • Chaejin was a contestant in the Idol Rebooting Show, The Unit
  • He ranked 37th, overall, on the show
  • He is the youngest member of MYNAME
  • He’s good friends with Teen Top’s Ricky and Shinee’s Key

MYNAME’s Chaejin Dating Scandal with Jo Hyun-ah

After his appearance on the renowned idol rebooting show, The Unit, previously undisclosed pictures of Chaejin started leaking online. The pictures showed him and The Unit’s singing mentor, Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyun-ah, in a quite compromising position. Allegedly, the pictures was taken from Chaejin’s own personal instagram but were then leaked by an unknown party. Not only that, pictures and videos from other people present depicting the two in said comprising position were also leaked, adding to the pile of suspicious evidence against them.

As seen above, Chaejin is shown as having been completely all over Jo Hyun-ah, with his hands holding hers down on the couch. He also appears not to have any pants on, just wearing his black underwear. The pictures seem to indicate the two having a relationship that is closer than just your average friends. According to friends who are present at the time, though, the two were only in the middle of playing a drinking game that had landed them in the complicated position, and nothing more. Adding to it, both Chaejin and Jo Hyun-ah’s companies released a statement clarifying that the two are only just friends.

Soon after, with the outrage not going away anytime soon, Chaejin decided to upload an apology letter to his instagram. The apology seems to have been handwritten, as he owns up to the mistake of having behaved badly, putting Jo Hyun-ah and himself in unfavorable light.

Hello, this is Chae Jinsuk. First, I sincerely apologize to the fans who support us, my members, agency employees, friends, and family for causing concern. I’m sorry that I needed to take a few days to have the courage to say this. Unintentionally, a clip was posted online, but it was because of my thoughtless behavior, so I really wanted to say sorry. I was surprised, scared, and upset because a distorted truth was spreading. But even more so, since I’ve lived the past eight years of my life with the support from the public and fans, I was upset by the fact that I disappointed you.”

He continued, “I think everything is because of my lack of virtue. What happened that day is exactly what was said through my agency, without any lies or additions. Through this incident, I will self-reflect and learn. I feel deeply how all of my actions can be a test of my past. Once again, I sincerely apologize to the fans, MYNAME members, agency employees, friends, family and everyone.”

The response to his apology has been quite positive, as the people in online communities seem to not understand the problem behind the scandal. Some of the comments read, “It’s not really anything for him to be apologizing over. He’s free to play any type of game that he wants. He should just go and find whoever uploaded it and beat them up.” and “Is this really worth an apology though? They’re not minors, they weren’t caught having an affair… who cares what two consenting adults do in a room together? They weren’t doing drugs either… Aigoo, all of you pretend gentlemen acting so much better than them.

Some even felt bad as it was truly not his fault, but the person’s who was uploading those videos and pictures in the first place, and the two of them must have been embarrassed with comments reading, “But isn’t this the fault of the person who uploaded it? And how embarrassing this whole thing must be for her, especially since her parents and friends must’ve seen the pictures too ㅜㅜ These two did not commit a crime worthy of death or anything.” and “He was in his underwear on top of a woman holding her arms down while the woman looked like she was having the time of her life with her legs wrapped around his waist ㅋㅋㅋ talk about embarrassing getting caught like that.

Chaejin’s Instagram Feeds

Since MYNAME’s stint on The Unit, the group hasn’t been actively promoting aside from a fanmeeting and an album in Japan. From mid-2018 until today, there hasn’t been much going on regarding his promotions, so Chaejin prefers to post about his daily life and social gatherings with friends.

The picture above shows him just going about his life, commuting from one place to another, but that doesn’t mean he forgets his fans. In the post above, he clearly reminds fans to not catch a cold in the freezing weather. He also displays his ability to communicate in more than one language, completely aware of his fanbase in Japan. Aside from that, he also posts a lot about hanging out with friends.

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Thank you #HBD

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As seen above, he enjoys to not only hanging out with friends in a casual setting, but also working out together. Not only that, he displays his very diverse circle of friends, including Shinee’s Key and Teen Top’s Ricky.

Chaejin’s Latest News

As of now, there don’t seem to be any plans for a comeback in either Korea or Japan anytime soon. Stay tuned on Chaejin’s instagram and MYNAME’s official accounts in the time to come, as they might come and surprise fans with the news any day now.

So what do you think of Chaejin and his dating scandal? is it as scandalous as you thought it’d be? Comment your thoughts and opinions below!