Complete Profile Member of Boys Republic (Profile, Facts, Plastic Surgery, Debut, and Hiatus) 2019


Boys Republic Discography

1. Boys Republic 1st Mini-Album – Identity (2013)

Identity is the first EP by Boys Republic. It was released on October 8th, 2013, with “You Are Special” serving as the album’s title track. On November 15th, 2013, they released a special album in Taiwan. And here is the tracklist:

  1. I’m Ready (into)
  2. You Are Special (넌 내게 특별해)
  3. What Up (뭐하러)
  4. L.I.U
  5. Party Rock (전화해 집에)
  6. Special Girl
  7. Orange Sky

2. Boys Republic 2nd Mini-Album – Real Talk (2014)

In 2014, Boys Republic released their second mini-album, Real Talk, which was released on November 12th, 2014, and finished 10th in chart position and sold 2,011 copies. Tracklist:

  1. The Real One (진짜가 나타났다)
  2. Like a Doll (인형)
  3. Pump
  4. Round (가운데)
  5. Somnambulance (몽유)
  6. Dress Up (예쁘게 입고 나와)
  7. Video Game

3. Boys Republic 3rd Mini-Album – BR: Evolution (2016)

Two years later, Boys Republic re-released a mini-album titled BR: Evolution, which was released on March 30th, 2016, and managed to occupy the 14th position on the Korean chart and managed to sell 1,672 copies. Tracklist:

  1. Get Down
  2. Eyes On Me (지켜만 봐)
  3. V.I.P
  4. A Song For You (널 위했던 노래)

4. Boys Republic 1st Single Album – Dress Up (2014)


Dress Up was the first single album to be released on July 25th, 2014, and managed to reach 11th place on the Korean Chart and managed to sell around 1,415 copies. Tracklist:

  1. Dress Up
  2. Dress Up Inst.

5. Boys Republic 2nd Single Album – Hello (2015)

Hello is the second single album which was released on June 5th, 2015, and managed to occupy the 11th place on the Korean Chart and managed to sell 1,544 copies. Tracklist:

  1. Hello
  2. Hello Acoustic version
  3. Hello Inst.

6. Boys Republic 3rd Single Album – Only Girl (2016)

Besides promoting the song in Korea, Boys Republic is also actively promoting in Japan. Only Girl is the first single album to be released in Japan on September 28th, 2016, and managed to occupy the 32nd place on the Japan chart and managed to sell 2,164 copies in Japan. Tracklist:

  1. Only Girl
  2. Happy Face
  3. So Fantastic

7. Boys Republic 4th Single Album – Hello Sunshine (2017)

Hello Sunshine is the second single album released in Japan, on January 25th, 2017, which finished 55th on the Japan chart. Tracklist:

  1. Hello Sunshine
  2. Stand Up!

8. Boys Republic 5th Single Album – Daisuki Da Yo (2017)

Daisuki Da Yo is the fifth single album released together with Hello Sunshine, which was released on January 25th, 2017. Daisuki Da Yo managed to occupy the 58th position on the Japan chart. Tracklist:

  1. Daisuki Da Yo (大好きだよ)
  2. Kimi Ga Soba Ni Ite (君がそばにいて)

9. Boys Republic 6th Single Album – Closer-Kiss Made Dorekurai? (2017)

Closer – Kiss Made Dorekurai? is also a single album released along with the previous two album singles, namely January 25th, 2017, and managed to occupy the 35th position of Japan Chart. Tracklist :

  1. Closer – Kiss Made Dorekurai? (キスまでどれくらい?)
  2. One – Sided Love

10. Boys Republic 7th Single Album – Nagareru Hoshi Ni Hanataba Wo (2017)

Nagareru Hoshi Ni Hanataba Wo was the last single album released by Boys Republic, on May 24th, 2017, and managed to occupy the 30th position of the Japan chart and managed to sell around 2,499 copies. Tracklist:

  1. Nagareru Hoshi Ni Hanataba Wo (流れる星に花束を)
  2. Beautiful

11. Boys Republic Soundtrack Appearances in Drama

Boys Republic was also trusted to fill the soundtrack of a drama, namely A Daughter Just Like You, in 2015. The soundtrack is titled Candle Love (촛불).

Boys Republic Filmography

In addition to being active on stage, Boys Republic also appeared in several reality shows and received a very good response from the netizens.

In 2013, Boys Republic participated in channel SBS MTV, Rookie King: Boys Republic with 8 episodes and Eye Camp Expedition with 4 episodes, and a total of 12 episodes for SBS MTV channel with two different variety show titles.

Then, in 2017, on the KBS channel, Boys Republic also participated in The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project which certainly received various responses from fans and other netizens. This was because, they had already made their debut, but their agency told them to keep following The Unit variety show to further increase their popularity.

Boys Republic receiving Awards and Nominations

2014 was a golden year for Boys Republic. In one year they received three awards at three different events.

First, Boys Republic won the Asian Model Festival Award in the New Star Award category. Secondly, Boys Republic received the Annual Korean Entertainment Arts Award in the Newcomer Award category. And lastly, Boys Republic won the Korean Cultural Entertainment Award in the Teen Artist Award category.

Boys Republic Concerts

In 2015, Boys Republic made their Royal tour of Europe. The tour began in Paris, France, Le Divan du Monde on July 3rd.

Academy, London, UK – July 4th, 2015
Melkweg, Netherlands, Amsterdam – July 5th, 2015
Werkstatt, Germany, Cologne – July 7th, 2015
Fabryka, Poland, Krakow – July 9th, 2015
Durer Kert, Hungary, Budapest – July 11th, 2015
Szene Wien, Austria, Wien – July 12th, 2015

The 7 European shows were also opened by the popular pianist, Choi Soo-min.

The agency of Boys Republic also confirmed that they had the last concert before they were on hiatus. Their agency explained that after a long discussion among the members and the company, they decided to take a hiatus.

“We write with heavy hearts to bring unfortunate news to the Royal Family fans who have been supporting and waiting patiently for Boys Republic’s comeback.

After long deliberation, the Boys Republic members and agency decided to definitely halt all promotions. We are planning to host a live event for the Royal Family. We ask for your strong support until the end.”

Boys Republic Joins The Unit

The Unit is one of those events that provide opportunities for participating idols a second chance to make their debut and reap the coveted success. After the previous girl group from FNC Entertainment, namely AOA and former member of T-Ara, Areum, was rumored to be participating in this event, now it is the turn of the boy band that has not been heard for a long time, Boys Republic reportedly participated in the event.

Not only one or two members of Boys Republic took part in this event, but all five members actually made an appearance, namely Onejunn, Sunwoo, Sungjun, Minsu, and Suwoong. And in the end, a total of 15 idols took part in the event. The attendance of many idols at the event received criticism from other participants and considered this unfair.

In the last episode of The Unit, one of the members of Boys Republic, Suwoong, said that he almost debuted with BTS. Suwoong shared that he had nearly debuted with the group. “I trained at BigHit Entertainment,” he explained. “I was lucky enough to get into the debut team, and I recorded for the album and even posed for the album cover photo shoot. But then the team was dismantled.”

Suwoong admitted, “Because I lived and trained with BTS, I wanted to avoid performing their songs. But because I like the group so much, I ended up choosing Fire.”

Well, let’s just wish for the best for Boys Republic.

Boys Republic Disbandment Rumors and Indefinite Hiatus

As of September 2018, Boys Republic’s agency, Universal Music, revealed that the band will go on an indefinite hiatus. A representative from Universal Music said, “Firstly, we apologize for this unfortunate news to the Royal Family, who have been waiting for their comeback for a long time and continuously supported them. After a long period of consideration, the Boys Republic members and the agency agreed to cease their activities for an undetermined amount of time. They will be holding a live performance to say farewell as a group to the Royal Family. We ask you to show them a lot of love until the end.”

However, after a six-year career, some sources said that Boys Republic was rumored to be disbanded, but the agency quickly confirmed that the rumor was untrue. Boys Republic did not disband and was only a hiatus for an undetermined time.

Recently, one of the members of Boys Republic, Suwoong, received more attention than other members by participating in The Unit variety show. Well, we pray for the best for the future career of Boys Republic. Good luck, Boys Republic!

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