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Get Closer With Beautiful Actress, Jin Ji-hee

Being a celebrity or a singer is just about the dream of the majority of Korean teens. However, naturally, to turn into an idol isn’t so simple. Some idols began their professions when they were quite young, as well as because they were children. One of these is Jin Ji-hee.

Jin Ji-hee is a performer who started her career as a kid. For all those who wish to learn more about Jin Ji-hee, for example, her profile, family members, playlisting, etc check them out here!

Let’s Find Out Jin Ji-hee’s Full Profile 2019


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  • Full Name: Jin Ji-hee
  • Birth Date: March 25, 1999
  • Age: 19 years old
  • Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Year Active: 2003 – Now
  • Agency: Wellmade Yedang
  • Education: The Affiliated High School of College of Education, Chung Ang University
  • Previous Education: The Affiliated Middle School of College of Education, Chung Ang University and Seoul Huekseok Elementary School

Rumor About Jin Ji-hee Boyfriend and Her Love Life


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For a celebrity, though Jin Ji-hee is still quite young, everybody is beginning to wonder if she wants a boyfriend or not. At present, she confessed that she’s not in a connection, however, there’s an actor who earns her heart. After Jin Ji-hee appeared in KBS2’s”Happy Together”, she shared that a behind the spectacle anecdote in the play”Fight My Way”.

Jin Ji-hee appeared at”Fight My Way”‘s the very first episode. She performed Chang Bo Rama high school pupil who’s in love with all the personality who celebrity Park Seo-joon has been enjoying. Jin Ji-hee confessed that initially she felt very embarrassed when she had to utilize celebrity Park Seo-joon, but it got better.

From the play, there is a part in which he states’Chang Bo Ram, go outside with me’ And my heart suddenly began racing. If you see that the play, my facial expression appears like I am so glad I could fly it was not acting. It had been my actual response,” Jin Jin Hee frankly disclosed.

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