All You Need to Know About Han Jong-yeon (Profile, Produce 101 Season 2, Bullying, and Scandal)


Han Jong-Yeon Quits Produce 101: Season 2 Due to the Bully Controversy and Sexual Violence

Han Jong-Yeon immediately became the topic of conversation after his past behavior while in school was revealed where he was said to be a bully and sexual violence perpetrator.

His school friend named Kangto Lee revealed the events through his personal Facebook account. Based on his information, Han Jong-Yeon once told him to masturbate in front of other children, made them fight for his pleasure, and locked his friends in a tool room.

After the testimony became viral and this contestant reaped a variety of scathing comments to blasphemy, Maroo Entertainment as the sheltering agency announced that the trainee had officially resigned from the Mnet-formed survival program.

“As a result of this incident, everyone from the agency and Han Jong-Yeon apologizes to people who are suffering because of Han Jong-Yeon: the producer, CJ E & M, contestants who dreamed and tried to achieve their dreams, fans, and fans who supported Han Jong- Yeon. He decided to withdraw from Produce 101: Season 2 by himself. After resigning, Han Jong-Yeon will reflect on all his actions. We are sorry, and as an agency, we will try to show good changes from Han Jong-Yeon. ”

Maroo Entertainment also met directly with people suspected of being victims of Han Jong-Yeon. They straightened out the accusation that children were sexually assaulted by their schoolmates as untrue and wrongful rumors will deal with the law.

Agency Statement Regarding Han Jong-Yeon’s Departure from Produce 101

Maroo Entertainment opened their voices regarding the news of their trainee’s release from Produce 101.

Han Jong-Yeon was reported to have been a bully at his school. When the news came out and became a hot topic, the agency later encountered victims of bullying from Han Jong-Yeon.

The agency apologized to the victims. “We apologize to everyone at the event [Produce 101] and fans who are disturbed by Han Jong-Yeon’s past,” said an agency representative.

“We even apologize to everyone who was injured by Han Jong-Yeon. He is entering a period of reflection,” added Maroo Entertainment.

But, the agency straightened the news circulating that Han Jong-Yeon had forced his friends to masturbate. “The rumors are fake and will be handled legally,” stated the agency, adding that action will be taken against the perpetrators for the spread of these evil rumors.

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