All You Need to Know About Han Jong-yeon (Profile, Produce 101 Season 2, Bullying, and Scandal)


All Information About Produce 101 Season 2 Contestant Han Jong-Yeon

Han Jong Yeon (한종연) is a South Korean trainee who participated on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2. He is a trainee under Maroo Entertainment. He was born on May 21, 1998. Soon after the first broadcast, he left the show because of a bullying scandal. He is currently participating on JTBC’s survival show Mixnine (믹스나인).

Han Jong-Yeon’s Profile
Name Han Jong-Yeon (한종연)
Born May 21, 1998
Height 178 cm
Weight 62 kg
Label Maroo Entertainment
Years Active  2017
  • Produce 101 Season 2 (2016)
  • Mixnine (믹스나인) (2017)

After Just Beginning, Han Jong-Yeon on Produce 101 Season 2 Contestant Stumbles over Problems About His Bad Life!

After the first season, this show successfully debuted the beautiful girl group I.O.I. For season 2, it was the boys’ turn.

Produce 101 Season 2 contained dozens of handsome guys from various agencies in Korea. It’s no wonder there were many talented young men who are sweet and proud. There were even some idols who had already debuted but joined this event. But, there were also new faces that were ready to steal the attention of the audience.

But, this time, even though the event hadn’t officially started, one of the contestants tripped over a problem because of his past. Elementary and middle school friends of Han Jong Yeon uploaded Facebook statuses which surprised netizens. Han Jung-Yeon’s friend named Kangto Lee wrote:

“I heard you will appear on TV. I am still crying when I wake up from a dream when you appear. I still feel like dying when I hear your name and see your face. I am worried that if I post this, you and your friends will do something to me or a friend- my friend. But, I’m no longer a coward boy or a kid who plays alone. Produce 101, kkkk. I hope you will succeed. And, I will bring you down.”

“I still can’t forget you who made me masturbate in front of other people when I was in elementary school, made me fight other classmates for calling them Pokemon, filling my closet and making me skip lunch. But, do you even remember me? The number of people you made not only one or two suffer. I went back and forth between life and death during elementary and high school because of you. You were a bully at school during elementary and high school.”

“I will give you pain like the pain you gave me. If anyone wants to talk to me about this, send a message on my Facebook. If you threaten me or say you will come looking for me, I will respond with legal action,” he wrote as quoted from the Allkpop page.

After that, he uploaded his conversation with the older brother of Han Jong-Yeon who asked about the truth in what he wrote.

Quoted from Koreaboo, the following is a translation of their conversation:

Han Jong-Yeon Brother: Is that true?
Kangto Lee: Yes, are you Han Jong-Yeon’s elder brother? Do you remember me? I was hit in front of you when I was in elementary school. I wrote this message after being carried away by emotion. I don’t feel guilty for Han Jung Yeon, but I feel guilty to you and your parents. Please say I apologize.”
Han Jong-Yeon Brother: Yes, I’m Han Jong-Yeon’s brother. Can we talk on the phone?”

Kangto Lee even posted more evidence that he was Han Jong Yeon’s classmate and that they attended the same school. He released a photo of both of them together when they were children. Below is Kangto Lee with Han Jong Yeon when he was little.

Han Jong-Yeon and his agency Maroo Entertainment did not confirm this matter. However, quoting from Allkpop, the party holding Produce 101 said, “We have seen the upload, and we are investigating further about the truth.”

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