Who is BTS Jin’s Girlfriend and Father? Let’s Find Out From His Full Profile Here!


Find Out About BTS Jin’s Father


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BTS Member Jin’s great looks have become the talk of the town whenever the July issue of The Star showed some contentious information about where they may have come out of.

According to the news, Jin got his looks from his dad, who is a famed CEO that’s popular for his equally running features.  Although Jin almost never talks about his family or personal life, or even his school life, it was known that he came out of a well-off family.

Jin himself never actually clarified this issue officially. He wants people to recognize him due to his ability, not because of his “well-off” family.

Who is BTS Member Jin’s girlfriend?

Rumor: Comedian Lee Gook Joo


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Jin never really explained anything about having a girlfriend.  There are some rumors, though, about this issue. One of them involves South Korean comedian, Lee Gook Ju. Lee Guk Joo, who isn’t famous for being skinny, was found to be close to Jin. She came to the news after rumors about her relationship an idol began to surface.

Fans started to speculate that her partner could be Jin from BTS, especially because he confessed that his picture of an perfect girlfriend is a little more chubby. Nonetheless, these rumors began to die down since Hong Suk Chun, who had witnessed Lee Guk Joo’s boyfriend, revealed that it was not Jin. Even if they’re, they haven’t publicly announced it.