Full Profile of Korean Actor Lee Chun-hee and His Wife (Facts, Drama List, Instagram, and Variety Show)


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All You Need to Know About Handsome South Korean Actor, Lee Chun-hee

Lee Chun-hee is a celebrity from South Korea. His first acting experience was that the film A Good Lawyer’s Wife at 2003. He also starred in the film Ice Rain, Too Beautiful to Lie and Temptation of Wolves until he started acting in dramas. His first television show look was in MBC Greatest cinema Navigator of My Life.

After he acted in dramas Only You, Autumn Shower, and The Great King, Sejong. Back in 2009, he starred in the play Smile, You like Seo Seong-jun. In this drama, he fulfilled with his soon-to-be spouse, Jeon Hye-jin who behaved his Jeong Ji-su, his onscreen couple. In addition, he appeared in another drama like Road No. 1, Master Sun and The Producers as a cameo.

In 2015, he co-starred with Park Bo-young and Lee Kwang-soo from the film Collective Invention. In 2018, Lee Chun-hee along with his spouse will behave in a new play together. Both have been throw in JTBC2’s forthcoming drama Never Before Present Day, May 32. The narrative is going to be a time-slip play in which a household ends up traveling back in time, where they’ll learn the real meaning of the phrase’household’.

Let’s Find Out Full Profile of Lee Chun-hee


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  • Name: Lee Chun-hee (이천희)
  • Profession: Actor and Model
  • Birthdate: February 19, 1979
  • Birthplace: Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Height: 186 cm
  • Weight: 73 kg
  • Star Sign: Aquarius
  • Blood Type: B
  • Wife: Jeon Hye-jin
  • Child: Daughter Lee So-yu
  • Talent Agency: SOOP Management
  • Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts – Theater
  • Social Media: Instagram

All Information About Lee Chun-hee’s Family


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Lee Chun-hee was wed to Jeon Hye-jin on March 11, 2011 in Grand Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul, South Korea. The couple first met throughout the play Smile, You where they turned into an onscreen couple.

They started dating shortly later. The couple announced their wedding in December 2010 and disclosed the soon-to-be bride was eight months pregnant. Their wedding reception was grand and lots of actors came to present their blessing.

Choi Bool-am, their co-star from the play, led the service and wedding the bunch. Yoon Jong-shin, Lee Chun-hee’s fellow member in Family Outing was the wedding and Gong Yoo, the groom’s friend became the MC for the evening.

A Few of the actors who came to the wedding was Lee Hyo-ri, Lee Min-jung, Kim Jong-kook, Yoon Seung-ah, and Lee Kyu-han. On July 30, 2011,” Jeon Hye-jin delivered their first child, a healthy baby girl named Lee So-yu, at Seoul Gangnam Hospital.

Lee Chun-hee’s Appearance on Reality Shows


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Lee Chun-hee was renowned for his nicknames Chunderella and Clumsy Chun-hee in Truth show Family Outing Season 1. From the series, he was always teased by Kim Soo-ro, his mature type acting college, and the association between the two had been referred to as Stepmother Kim and Chunderella.

Regardless of this, Lee Chun-hee disclosed he had a high IQ score and had been approached by Mensa, the high IQ society on the planet. He was also the sole member who owned a scuba-diving license. On June 2009, he and fellow member, Park Ye-jin abandoned the series due to their contract with SBS to get Family Outing expired.

They chose to not renew the contract because they needed to concentrate 100 percent in their acting career. Nonetheless, in September 2009 at Ya Shim Man Man Season two, Lee Chun-hee disclosed he regretted his choice for departing Family Outing.

He explained he felt somewhat disappointed to find the new household members were getting along nicely with the other household members. In addition, he said that CF has had fallen and there were problems with play auditions for his or her Chunderella picture.

In 2016, he turned into guest member at Law of The Jungle at Mongolia. Another guest manhood were Kangnam, Seo In-guk, Eric Nam and Changsub BTOB. The topic of the incident was’Nomads’, along with the cast had to journey to four places and over 10.000 kilometers of property in Mongolia.

Lee Chun-hee, Kim Byung-man, and Kim Min-kyo were split to satisfy the Kazakhs to learn the fundamentals of becoming the eagle hunter. In the end of 2017, he arrived back to eventually become guest member at Law of The Jungle from the Cook Islands, South Pacific Ocean. Another guest associates were Lee Jong-hyun CN Blue, Solbin Laboum and JB GOT7.

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