Get Closer With Korean Rapper Sleepy (Profile, Facts, Marriage, and BTS RM)


All Information About Sleepy, the Korean Rapper and Entertainer

Being a rapper does not mean that you have to look haughty and have a nasty personality. This particular principle seems to guide Sleepy to be a successful rapper who is known as a pleasant fellow who looks for a good time along with his friends and colleagues. His friendly nature attracted the public to be his casual fans, whereas his works as a rapper charmed the hip-hop listeners to be his loyal supporters.

Thus, it is not a wonder that Sleepy is loved almost by everyone who has watched him through variety and competition shows in the television broadcast. In this article, Byeol Korea will explain all about Sleepy, starting by his personal profile and fun facts, the list of his discography, filmography, awards and nominations, his appearance on We Got Married, his collaboration with BTS’ RM, his tattoo, thought on losing followers, Instagram Feed, and latest news. So, stay tuned!

Sleepy’s Full Profile
  • Birth Name: Kim Sung Won
  • Stage Name: Sleepy
  • Birth Date: Incheon, South Korea, February 21, 1984
  • Age: 36 (Korean age) / 35 (International age)
  • Occupation: Rapper and Entertainer
  • Group: Untouchable
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Chinese Astrology: Rat
  • Siblings: 1 (a younger brother rapper DinDin)
  • Talent Agency: TS Entertainment
  • Official Website:
  • Twitter: @kimsleepy
  • Instagram: @sleepysta
  • YouTube:

Fun Facts You Have to Know About Sleepy
  • Sleepy’s old stage name was MC High and his old nickname was ‘praying mantis’.
  • Sleepy’s stage name was inspired by Snoop Dogg. It used to be ‘Sleepy Dog’ but then he took away the ‘Dog’, hence his current stage name.
  • Sleepy used to be the rapping teacher of AOA’s Jimin, Mina, and Chanmi for eight months.
  • Sleepy has a dog named Fury.
  • Sleepy’s drinking habit is stroking people’s head. He once did it to comedienne Jang Do-yeon for three minutes. Initially, he claimed that he did not remember but then admitted that he did it because he was fascinated by how flat Jang Do-yeon’s head was.
  • Sleepy wears clothes that cover as much of his body as possible to his family gathering for the Chuseok holiday because, in the past, his grandmother has cried after seeing his tattoos.
  • Sleepy went on a blind date with model and host of MBC’s I Live Alone Han Hye-jin.

Sleepy’s Discography

Starting his career as an underground rapper, Sleepy has released many songs, be it his solo songs as a rapper or collaboration songs with other rappers and singers. In this section, Byeol Korea has compiled a list of songs by Sleepy that you may want to listen!

  • 2015 – I Feel Blame (featuring Baek A-yeon)
  • 2015 – Body Lotion (featuring Bang Yong-guk)
  • 2015 – Cool Night (collaboration with Song Ji-eun)
  • 2016 – So What (featuring Lee Guk-joo)
  • 2016 – Oh Yeah
  • 2017 – Beautiful Life
  • 2017 – Whatever (featuring Bloo and Liquor KJR)
  • 2017 – Placebo (featuring Hash Swan and G2)
  • 2017 – S.M.T.M (collaboration with Hash Swan, Olltii, Black Nine, Punchnello, Penomeco, Ignito, and Dok2)

Sleepy’s Filmography

Besides working in the music industry, Sleepy also ventured to the showbiz as he appeared on several television shows. His most frequent appearance is on Cultwo Show while the program which skyrocketed his name is when he entered the military once again on Real Men and when he became the husband on We Got Married. Here you may check the list of Sleepy’s variety show list below!

  • 2015 – SBS Cultwo Show (as Guest Cast)
  • 2015 – SBS Mash Up (as Host)
  • 2015 – MBC Real Men (as Guest Cast on episode 96)
  • 2015 – MBC Radio Star (as Guest Cast)
  • 2015 – KBS2 Do What You Want (as Guest Cast on episode 1)
  • 2016 – SBS Cultwo Show (as Guest Cast)
  • 2016-2017 – MBC We Got Married (as Regular Cast with Lee Guk-joo)
  • 2016 – Mnet The God of Music 2 (as Regular Cast)
  • 2017 – MBC All Broadcasting in the world (as Regular Cast)
  • 2017 – Mnet Show Me The Money 6 (as Regular Cast)
  • 2017 – SBS Cultwo Show (as Guest Cast)

Sleepy’s Awards and Nominations

In 2015, Sleepy is honored to receive the Best Male Newcomer on MBC Entertainment Awards due to his appearance on Real Me. The other award which he was nominated on was Male Excellence Award in Variety Show for his appearance on We Got Married in 2016. Way to go, Sleepy!

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