Get Closer With Member of UP10TION, Hwanhee (Profile, Facts, Debut, and EXO Baekhyun)


All You Need to Know About One of Members of UP10TION, Hwanhee

Lee Hwan-hee was born on May 6th, 1998, in Daejeon, South Korea. He is also better known as Hwanhee. Hwanhee is a South Korean singer. He is a member of the boy band UP10TION. He is known as the Main Vocalist of his group, UP10TION. In this article, Byeol Korea will introduce you more closely with the main vocalist of UP10TION, Hwanhee and will provide you with a rundown of everything about him. So, stay tuned!

UP10TION’s Hwanhee’s Profile

Kpop Wiki – Fandom

Stage name: Hwanhee (환희)
Birth Name: Lee Hwan-hee (이환희)
Position: Main Vocalist
Date of Birth: May 6th, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Blood Type: O

Facts About UP10TION’s Hwanhee
  • Nationality: Korean
  • His birthplace is Daejeon, South Korea.
  • He has two older sisters and one younger sister.
  • Hwanhee’s nickname is Hwan-ah.
  • He is known as the most popular member.
  • He said his mother frequently mistakes Sunyoul for a girl.
  • He has the habit of biting his lips.
  • His nicknames are Hwan, Angry Hwanhee.
  • He admitted he wears insoles.
  • He resembles EXO’s Baekhyun with his looks and his voice.
  • Like Bitto, he is easily scared.
  • He whines a lot.
  • Hwanhee has small hands.
  • He likes to eat anything except vegetables.
  • He is UP10TION’s rascal and rebel.
  • He likes BigBang.
  • He thinks angry people are scary.
  • He is best friends with Xiao (he once said that Xiao is his pet XD).
  • In 2017 he was on King of the Masked Singer as Soohorang.
  • He likes watching movies and having fun.
  • Hwanhee is roommates with Bitto and Wei.
  • Hwanhee’s ideal type: someone cute but also a tiny bit sexy, who likes to have fun and goes along with his jokes.

Hwanhee’s Debut with UP10TION in 2015

He debuted in 2015 as the main vocalist of UP10TION. He is famous for his great singing abilities. Aside from promoting with UP10TION, he has also been active as a participant in several TV shows. UP10TION is a group that consists of 10 members: Jinhoo, Kuhn, Kogyeol, Wei, Bit-to, Wooshin, Sunyoul, Gyujin, Hwanhee, and Xiao. UP10TION debuted on September 10th, 2015, under T.O.P Media.

Hwanhee in King of Masked Singer


The identity of “Pick Me, Pyeongchang’s mascot Suhorang” on MBC’s King of Masked Singer was revealed to be one of the youngest members of a boy group who wowed everyone with his vocal talent.

The episode of MBC’s King of Masked Singer that aired on July 23rd, featured a battle between “You’ve Fallen For Me Bandabi” and “Pick Me, Pyeongchang’s mascot Suhorang,” and the duo sang Kim Namjoo and Yook Sungjae’s “Photograph.” Both singers showed off their clear vocal tones and created an energetic performance.

Both singers visibly wowed the audience, as the results were neck and neck. “Bandabi” won by a slim margin of 52 to 47, and moved on to the next round. Performing 2AM’s “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls,” “Suhorang” took off his mask to reveal that it was none other than UP10TION’s Hwanhee.

Hwanhee is the second member to appear on the show after Sunyoul, and they are both main vocalists in UP10TION. On why he decided to appear on the show, Hwanhee said, “Although I’m sad to be leaving so soon, I’m satisfied because I did my best. I haven’t had many opportunities to sing by myself since making my debut. I haven’t had a chance to do that [sing by myself] in front of my parents. I hope people will now see that UP10TION’s Hwanhee can sing, and I can sing quite well.”

After the show, Hwanhee took to UP10TION’s Twitter account to share some behind-the-scenes photos of himself and wrote, “Did you enjoy Suhorang’s performance on King of Masked Singer? It was such a fun experience for me and Suhorang~ I hope to continue to sing great songs like today, please keep an eye on me. Thank you~ Roar!”

Check out Hwanhee’s performance, as well as many more, on the most recent episode of King of Masked Singer below!

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