All You Need to Know About U-KISS Eli Kim (Full Profile, Facts, Marriage, Wife, and Child)


U-KISS Eli Kim’s Sudden Marriage and Personal Life

Eli Kim had some controversial moments in his life. At the age of 15, he dropped out of school and moved alone to China in order to pursue his dreams. He also studied Mandarin there. He studied Taekwondo and Kung Fu techniques for 12 years, opening the way for an opportunity to be cast in Chinese movies.

But, his life in China was not as well as people imagine. He was cheated by his trusted senior there, which left him living in poor conditions, as he only ate instant noodles for three months and finished the noodle soup by adding some cheap biscuits. His parents had to pick him up to save him from misery.

In South Korea, Eli just needed six months to become a member of U-KISS, which formed by NH Media and debuted in 2008. As he already gained so many fans, he shocked everyone by announcing his hidden marriage that had happened the previous year, on December 4, 2015. He made the announcement via his personal Instagram account, and also said that the couple was expecting a child. The controversial announcement left many fans worried, angry, and the other various responses.

His fellow U-KISS members, Soohyun and Kevin, comforted the fans on Twitter. The agency finally made an official statement which said that the news wouldn’t affect Eli’s activities in U-KISS promotion, and he would continue filming the Chinese drama, as well. Also, they asked people to stop leaving the hate comments, because he will soon be a father.

U-KISS Eli Kim’s Wife

On August 30, 2016, Eli revealed his wife’s identity to the public on MBC Every1’s Video Star. She is Ji Yeon-soo, a car race model who is 11 years older than Eli. They had already dated for 5 years before they decided to be married. Eli revealed how he met his wife on SBS’s Honey. He said, “I first met her at a car community. When I saw her, I directly said to her that she’s my type, but she’s not attracted to me at all. I already asked her to go out for 1 year but she always rejected me. But, I keep expressed my true feeling to her and she ended to accept me as well.

In the early years of their marriage, they struggled so much. They didn’t hold a wedding ceremony, but only registered it. Ji Yeon-soo revealed that before Eli announced their marriage, she had to hide her status and pregnancy because it would be harmful for her idol husband. She didn’t even go to the obstetrician/gynecologist to check on the baby. She only used a pregnancy test to check whether the baby was still alive or not. And then there was a time when her health was suffering, so Eli took the risk of announcing his marriage to the public in order to save his wife and child.

Eli’s parents said that they were disappointed in Eli because he hid his marriage all that time. Eli’s father said that when he heard the news, he was angry because he didn’t have a clue about the girl’s identity, but, he also said that there’s no other way but to give his blessings for their happiness.

Eli’s mother said that she was super shocked and didn’t want to eat for a week. She was against the marriage, due to the big age gap, but as soon as she saw Yeon-soo, she knew that she just looked like her daughter.

Three years after their marriage, Eli and Yeon-soo finally held the wedding ceremony. Even though the public against his marriage at first, over time a lot of support developed for his family. Some of his young fans left, but his pregnant and marred fans supported him. The type of gifts he received from his fans also changed, from clothes or shoes into baby clothes, milk bottles, and the other baby stuff.

U-KISS Eli Kim’s Child

On June 8, 2016, Eli’s precious son was born. Eli and Yeon-soo named their first son Michael Min-soo Kim. Eli and Yeon-soo often update about their son’s activities in their personal Instagram accounts. They both look very happy and love their son very much.

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