All You Need to Know About Teen Top’s Niel (Profile, Facts, Dating, Career, and Latest News)


Teen Top’s Face Of The Group Niel Profile!

Are you familiar with Neil, a member of the South Korean boy band Teen Top? He is the most popular member among all the others since he has taken on many different roles as an idol and has an incredible charisma that has lifted him up to fame.

Besides that, he also had a solo debut and released a digital album as well!

Well, if you are curious enough to know about Teen Top’s Niel, let’s get ready to check out his full profile below!

Full Profile of Teen Top’s Niel
  • Real Name: Ahn Daniel (안다니엘)
  • Stage Name: Niel (니엘)
  • Place and Date of Birth: Taean, Mallipo, South Korea, August 16th, 1994
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Weight: 62 kg
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Education: Heungjin High School
  • Occupation: Singer, Idol
  • Band: Teen Top (틴탑)
  • Position in the Band: Visual (Face of the Group) and Main Vocal
  • Agency: Top Media
  • Official Sites: Instagram (


Interesting Facts About Teen Top’s Niel
  1. Teen Top’s Niel has an older brother named David and a younger brother named Bo-sung
  2. When he was a child, Teen Top’s Niel used to be a child actor
  3. He loved playing soccer when he was still in Elementary School but he hasn’t been an active player anymore these days
  4. Teen Top’s Niel is one of the best friends of INFINITE’s Sung-yeol
  5. Teen Top’s Niel shared a room with his fellow member, Ricky, since the two are the loudest members of the band
  6. Teen Top’s Niel’s hobbies are listening to music and he has a habit on relieving stress by picking on Ricky
  7. Teen Top’s Niel is known to have an Emotional Vocal every time he sings a song
  8. The stage name Niel is using is actually the shortest version of his real name Daniel
  9. When he was a child, Niel really admired Se7en very much
  10. Teen Top’s Niel is categorized as the most talkative member while the quietest member is Changjo
  11. Teen Top’s Niel felt jealous of his fellow members, L. Joe and Ricky since they had to practice a kissing scene for an Elle photo shoot and MNet Japan
  12. He has the same height as his fellow member, Chang-jo
  13. Teen Top’s Niel said that he wants to fall in love as soon as he grows up

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