Get Closer With Teen Top’s Changjo (Profile, Facts, Dating, Career, and Plastic Surgery)


Changjo’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

changjo predebut

Changjo was once asked in an interview, “If you are to undergo plastic surgery, what will you do?” and Changjo confidently answered, “I’m contented with how I look.” So, I think his answer suggests he hasn’t had any plastic surgery.

changjo comparison

Let’s just compare his pre-debut and recent pictures. According to the two shots above, Changjo looks more mature than before as he grows older, but his features haven’t shown any real changes.  He appears to be a naturally handsome man.

Changjo’s Dating Rumor with GLAM’s Jiyeon

dating rumor

In the early part of 2015, there was a dating rumor spread about Changjo and Glam’s Jiyeon. It began spreading among the media after a compilation of alleged “evidence” photos were posted by a netizen onto an online community. The online post was titled, “Teen Top Changjo ♥ Glam Jiyeon dating for 3 months“.

There were some sets of photos that were meant to be proof that the couple was dating. There was a picture showing the two idol stars wearing what were speculated as couple rings on each of their fourth right fingers. Other photos posted by Changjo and Jiyeon on their own Instagram accounts showed that the two were at the same cafe, the background was coincidentally the same in both photos.

A third set of photos posted by the two stars also showed that they had pillows with the same exact pattern behind each of them. Changjo’s photo caption read, “Good night. #happy #joy #best #noonnoonanna” while a caption written by Jiyeon on her own Instagram read, “Nyoonnoonanna #hungry“. Fans have speculated that the two are using the same “noonnoonanna” hashtag as a secret code.

However, both performers’ agencies rapidly confirmed that the rumor was not true. TOP Media denied the rumors by saying, “After confirming with Changjo himself, the rumors are not true. We’re not sure why these rumors arose, but it is simply an online rumor.

Meanwhile, an acquaintance from GLAM’s Jiyeon agency, Big Hit Entertainment, stated, “I can’t get in contact with Jiyeon. Jiyeon has been close friends with Teen Top since she was a trainee. However, it can’t be confirmed if they are dating right now.”

Changjo Opens Up About His Struggle with Bipolar Disorder


Being an artist is not easy for him. Having been a part of the entertainment world for about 10 years, Changjo has been through a lot of struggles. One of them is his dealing with his bipolar disorder.

He said that his bipolar disorder makes him feels like when one thing went down, everything felt like it was bad. Even when he got a little mad he could feel angry all day. He also had insecurities about his looks, so he went on a severe diet. He only ate one meal a day, or ate salad in place of a meal. Changjo expressed insecurity about his acne problems.

Insecurity is one of the symptoms of bipolar illness that is hard to fight. While there are programs to help people manage their temper, confidence is something that cannot be taught. It is quite surprising that an idol who is enjoying so much love from fans can feel insecure about himself. This has even caused the singer to lose his temper in public. One instance that we can point to regarding this was a past program where Changjo was being teased on a show by his group-mates.

Changjo’s Latest News

changjo ig 3

The best way to get the latest updates about Changjo is by following his Instagram account, under the username t.changjo. He is very active using his Instagram, so you will always be able to know what’s going on with him.

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