Get Closer With Teen Top’s Changjo (Profile, Facts, Dating, Career, and Plastic Surgery)


Changjo’s Career as an Actor

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Besides being a vocalist for TEEN TOP, Changjo is also popular for his roles in some Korean dramas. Starting his acting career in 2010 by appearing in the drama I am Legend, his acting skill has gained viewers’ approval, especially when he starred in the drama Sweden Laundry where he played his role as the lead character. It was also his ‘official’ debut. He is a versatile performer who has a number of talents. Let’s just peel them off, one by one.

Changjo in Mak Girls


Mak Girls is a movie that was released in 2015. It is a story about several high school students helping their beloved father continue their family business. One of the students, whose family is operating a “makgeolli” (traditional Korean alcohol drink) brewery, is struggling to brew the drink by herself. A teacher gives her permission to bring the drink to the market. A contest for the best tasting makgeolli drink soon takes place.

In this drama, Changjo played the role of Kang-Ho, one of the classmates of the main character, Cho-Rong (who is played by Hong Ah-Reum). Kang-ho is a cold boy, but a caring one if you are close to him. He is also good at fighting. Here is a clip from the film, if you want to see his acting.

Changjo in Sweden Laundry

changjo in sweden laundry

Sweden Laundry is a comical fantasy series about a girl who has the ability to see people’s worries about love, friendship, and employment. When Kim Bom was young, she had a hard time because of her siblings (she couldn’t get any attention from her family or those around her).

Her younger sister is a pretty college student majoring in dance, and aspires to be an actress. Her older brother, Kim Eun-Chul, is a genius who’s already passed the foreign service and civil service exams and enjoys boasting about his accomplishments. Kim Bom has become an ordinary laundromat owner (she runs Sweden Laundry), and yet, Bom has something neither of her siblings has.

changjo in sweden laundry 2

She has supernatural powers allowing her to read her client’s worries through their laundry. She uses this unusual ability to resolve problems for the people around her. In this drama, Changjo played as Yong Soo Chul, a hardworking young man who makes a lot of mistakes as he tries to achieve his dreams. He is her love interest. Rounding out the love triangle will be Park Ki-Joon, a well-to-do dentist with a good family background and specs, but who also has a whimsical side.

Changjo in My Brother Disappeared

changjo my brother disappeareds

My Brother Disappeared is a series from 2018, about a power blogger who writes his own perspectives on crime cases and a female client who shows up one day claiming her older brother has gone missing. This drama also known as Oppaga SarajyeotdaOppa is Missing, Oppa’s Gone Missing, and Find My Brother. In this series, Changjo played the role of Gong Joong Ki.

Changjo in Criminal Minds

criminal minds

Criminal Minds is a drama about a group of highly trained profilers in the fictional National Criminal Investigation (NCI) team who track down criminals to solve cases. It begins a year after a crucial error results in a bomb detonating at a hospital, killing several SWAT officers and leaving the NCI team leader, Kang Ki Hyung’s, confidence badly shaken.

changjo in criminal minds

He returns to work after a long break and is immediately drawn into a serial murder case which requires the NCI team to collaborate with the local police agency’s Violent Crimes Unit. They meet the temperamental police officer Kim Hyun Joon, who appears to have a bitter grudge against Ki Hyung. In this drama, Changjo played as a guest role.

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