Complete Information About Members of Stray Kids, Lee Know (Profile, Facts, Predebut, and Dancing)

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All You Need to Know About Lee Minho A.K.A Lee Know From Stray Kids

The name Lee Minho must be familiar to you, if you’re a Korean drama lover. But do you know that the name Lee Minho is quite popular in Korea? Even in the acting field, there is more than one actor who has the name. One of them is the Lee Minho that played in City Hunter.

lee minho stray kids

In the K-pop industry, there are also a number of idols with the name Minho. For example, Minho from SHINee, who has Choi Minho as his real name, Mino from WINNER, who has Song Minho as his real name, and the idol that we’re going to talk about.. Stray Kids’ Lee Minho, or as he’s also known by his stage name, Lee Know!

Lee Know is one of the nine members in the boy-group Stray Kids, and is a member with amazing dancing skills. Before officially debuting with Stray Kids, Lee Minho chose his own stage name, which is Lee Know. He preferred to have a stage name since there were already too many Minhos in the entertainment industry in Korea.

If you watched the Stray Kids reality show on Mnet that aired in 2017, right before Stray Kids officially debuted, Lee Know was still using his real name, Lee Minho, on the show. As a result, it’s a bit hard for some Stray Kids fans, Stay, who’ve been Stray Kids fans since the beginning, to remember to call Lee Know by his stage name. Most of them still him Minho.

lee minho stray kids

The name Lee Know is written as 리노 (Lee No) in hangul. It sounds a bit like his real name, Lee Minho, but it also sounds like he’s saying ‘no’ to himself. That’s why he decided to write his stage name as ‘Lee Know’, which means that he ‘knows’ himself and he ‘knows’ Stay, Stray Kids’ fans.

Well, let’s get to ‘know’ to this Lee Minho, Lee Know from Stray Kids!

Full Profile of Lee Know or Lee Minho

lee minho stray kids
  • Real Name: Lee Minho
  • Stage Name: Lee Know
  • Birthday: October 25, 1998
  • Born: Gimpo, South Korea
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • Chinese Zodiac: Earth Tiger
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Education: Gimpo Jeil Technical High School
  • Specialty: Dancing, rap, vocal

Lee Know or Lee Minho’s Interesting Facts

lee minho stray kids
  • Lee Know is the only child in his family.
  • On every interview where Stray Kids are being asked what’s their charm, Lee Know always says that they have good looks, but then he clarified that it’s not about the look, but their unique charm, instead.
  • Lee Know is popular for his mean or savage words. His fellow Stray Kids members said that Lee Know is an honest person.
  • When Stray Kids members say something funny or make a lame joke, Lee Know usually  only stares and give a bad reaction.
  • Lee Know was the first to be eliminated on the Stray Kids show, right before Felix.
  • After Lee Know was eliminated, he sent a video message to the other Stray Kids members with a smile, because he didn’t want them to be worried about him.
  • Lee Know has a unique personality; on a V Live I.N said that Lee Know is weird and it was hard to understand him.
  • Bang Chan and Woojin once said that Lee Know has different emotions every day and all the time, basically, he’s unexpected.
  • The first time Changbin met Lee Know was when Lee Know came for an audition, back then Changbin had already become a trainee. Suddenly Lee Know came up to Changbin and said, “Things are hard, right?”
  • He used to be a backup dancer for BTS.
  • Lee Know once appeared on a National Geographic episode about K-Pop. He said a line that later on became famous among Stray Kids and Stays, “I want to be a singer.” He also danced in that short clip.

Lee Know’s Predebut Photos

Before debuting as a member of Stray Kids, Lee Know was a JYP trainee that was accepted at an audition due to his dancing skills. But apparently, Lee Know didn’t only have amazing dancing skill, but also a handsome face, since he was a trainee. Let’s take a look at some pre-debut photos of Stray Kids’ Lee Minho!

lee minho stray kids

Here is the graduation photo of Lee Know from his school. He looks so soft and pure in this photo, don’t you agree?

lee minho stray kids

Lee Know already looked handsome, even in his pre-debut days.

lee minho stray kids

Selfie with glasses? Still rocks it!

Lee Know’s Photoshoot

Besides his outstanding moves when he dances, Lee Know is also famous for his good looks, which can be said to be his charming side. After being a Stray Kids member, Lee Know has become a model for some photoshoots with CeCi or Dispatch. In the photoshoots, you can clearly see that his amazing visual is no joke. Let’s see some of the photos of Lee Know that will make your heart flutter!

lee minho stray kids
lee minho stray kids
lee minho stray kids

Lee Know’s Dancing Skill

Lee Know is famous for his skill as a dancer. Before becoming a trainee at JYP Entertainment, he used to be a backup dancer for BTS. Now, as a member of Stray Kids, Lee Know has the nickname ‘Dancing Gem’ or ‘Dancing Jewel’ among Stray Kids’ fans, Stay.

lee minho stray kids

In some of Stray Kids’ choreography, Lee Know often has a solo dance part that shows off his mad dancing skills. When Stray Kids have performed at some music awards, like the Golden Disk Awards or music events like Gayo Daechukjae, Lee Know always has a solo performance where he dances alone.

Let’s check out some of his dances moves that will make your heart beat faster!

Lee Know can also dance sexy.

Or when Lee Know, Felix, and Hyunjin did a freestyle dance.

Dancing without moving his hands is also an easy things to do for Lee Minho of Stray Kids!

Bonus clip of Lee Know when he was a backup dancer for BTS.

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