Complete Information About Shannon William (Profile, Facts, Debut, Leaving Agency, and Instagram)


Shannon William Appearance on SBS’ Kpop Star 6: The Last Chance

The British K-Pop singer who debuted back in 2014 with the song “Daybreak Rain,” Shannon, took park as a contestant in the final season of the TV reality show K-Pop Star 6: The Last Chance. Shannon revealed her reasons for why she decided to enter the show. Her agency, MBK Entertainment, stated that Shannon took part in the audition because she wanted to learn more about singing.

Through the show, she competed against other trainees and talented individuals in hopes of scoring a contract that would grant the winner promotions from YG, JYP, and Antenna Music. Shannon received high praise for her technical singing ability but was critiqued for her lack of emotion. She was selected into YG’s group and sang songs such as “Man in the Mirror,” “Who’s Your Mama,” “Happy,” and “Ain’t No Other Man.” She advanced to the Top 4 (semi-finals) before she was eliminated.

Shannon William Appearance in the KBS Drama Moorim School

In 2016, Shannon took her first-ever role as an actress in the drama Moorim School. The drama was aired on January 11th, 2016, through KBS2. It was her first drama acting job in Korea. The drama is set around the mysterious Moorim Institute which teaches its students virtues including honesty, faith, sacrifice, and communication and the school is not focused solely on high academic scores. The teachers and students at the school come from all over the globe and each has their own stories and secrets.

In this drama, Shannon played the role of Shannon, a student who comes from the United Kingdom.

Shannon William Leaving her Agency and Korea

Early this year, Shannon shocked her fans by suddenly sharing her thoughts about leaving her agency MBK Entertainment and South Korea. The British-Korean singer held a Q&A session via Instagram story and answered fan questions, revealing she intends to leave Korea to focus on composing new songs. She also confirmed she won’t be having a comeback, and she plans to leave her agency. Shannon further detailed her issues with MBK Entertainment and listed problems, such as using her voice as a guide without permission, not crediting her English lyrics for songs, passing songs meant for her to other artists, and using her to promote other label artists.

Shannon concluded, “You can blame my company for that matter. I promise to come out with something soon.”

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