Complete Information About Korean Singer, Seo In-young (Profile, Facts, Debut, Marriage, and Scandal)


All You Need to Know About Talented Entertainment, Seo In-young

Have you ever heard about the girl group called JEWELRY formed in 2001? Seo In-young used to be a member of JEWELRY as the lead vocalist. Unfortunately, the group disbanded in 2015 and Seo In-young focused on her career as a solo artist, actress, and host. This time, Byeol Korea will provide you with a complete rundown of information about Seo In-young. Curious about her? Stay tuned!

Full Profile and Facts of Seo In-young

Name: Seo In-young
Hangul: 서인영
Nickname: Inyoung, Elly
Date of Birth: September 3rd, 1984
Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Blood Type: O
Nationality: South Korean
Religion: Buddhist
Occupation: singer, dancer, model, television host, and actress
Years Active: 2002-present
Agency: Star Empire (2002-2012), IY Company/EB Entertainment (2012-2015), Playtone Entertainment (2015-2016), Star Empire (2016-2017), Soribada (2018-present)
Twitter: @elly_iy

Fun Facts of Seo In-young

  • Seo In-young used to be in a girl group called JEWELRY and became the Lead Vocalist
  • She used to be known by the title “sexy dancer from JEWELRY”
  • Cross stitching and shopping are her hobbies
  • Seo In-young became the face of Maybelline New York – South Korea in June 2008 and was selected as South Korea Cosmopolitan’s style icon in July 2008
  • Seo In-young attended Dongduk High School and Dongduk’s Women University
  • Seo In-young wrote a book titled Seo In-young’s Shopping Trip in Tokyo in 2009 and Seo In-young’s Shopping Trip in Singapore in 2010
  • She admitted in 2008 that she has done plastic surgery on her nose and has had Botox injections

Seo In-young’s Debut as JEWELRY Member

JEWELRY debuted in 2001 with the founding members Park Jung-ah, Lee Ji-hyun, Jun Eun-mi, and Jung Yoo-jin with their first album Discovery. Not too long after that, Seo In-young and Cho Min-ah replaced Jun Eun-mi and Jung Yoo-jin.

At the beginning of 2005, JEWELRY changed their cute image concept into the sexy woman concept, following the trend in Korean pop in that era. In their singles “Superstar” and “Passion,” Seo In-young prominently shows her sexiness dancing passionately in short shorts which brought the group both positive and negative responses. After that, the “sexy dancer” Seo In-young from JEWELRY was strongly remembered.

Seo In-young’s Becoming a Solo Artist

In 2006, JEWELRY took a break as they focused on Japan marketing. All of the members started to have their own path, and Cho Min-ah also left the group. Seo In-young continued to be a solo artist releasing her first solo album on February 26th, 2007, titled Elly Is So Hot. Her debut was supposed to change her image from a “sexy dancer” into a soft, elegant, and sensual woman.

Having a successful solo path, Seo In-young decided to leave the group JEWELRY on December 11th, 2009, followed by Park Jung-ah after they finished the promotional activities for the song “Sophisticated.” They wanted to fully commit to their solo careers.

Seo In-young’s On-Screen Marriage With Crown J

Back in 2008, Seo In-young took part in the popular MBC TV show We Got Married. She was paired with Crown J, the famous South Korean rapper. At the time, the two of them were the most favorite couple for the audiences. They were also being rumored to be dating off-screen as they complimented each other very well on-screen.

Eight years later, in November 2016, this couple were reunited on the same show. After their honeymoon in Dubai, they decided to stay as friends. The producer said, “The decision was recently made. After their honeymoon in Dubai, they revealed their desire to leave the show, stating that it would be best for them to be just friends.”

When Seo In-young was invited in Radio Star, she said that she and Crown J only had a professional relationship for the show. They have never been dating or anything. Seo In-young also revealed that Crown J promised to always protect her and even proposed to her, but sadly she had to reject the proposal because she was not ready for the marriage life.

Controversy and Clarification

In January 2017, a video of Seo In-young cursing on With You: Season 2 was spread. It had been reported that she had been verbally abusing members of the staff which caused her to step down from the program and take a one-year break of all entertainment-related activities. From that day onward, a lot of hate for her was spread among the audience.

On August 2nd, 2018, Seo In-young made a comeback with a new single titled “Close Your Eyes.” In an interview, she took a moment to apologize and clarify for what happened to her one year ago. First of all, she revealed that after the controversy, she had the anxiety to meet people but she knows what she did at the time was the right thing to do.

She explained, “I wasn’t cursing at the staff of the program, but at my manager. We are very comfortable with each other so I didn’t think it was wrong at the time. While I do not curse all the time, I’m not very womanly when working, either.”

She continued, “They demanded additional filming. The amount of footage they wanted, it’s not something you could film in 3 days. Also, I tried to lessen the production cost so I only brought my manager and hairstylist with me, and Crown J didn’t even have his manager around. Because of that, I got in the middle of my manager and Crown J, and things went out of control.”

In the end, Seo In-young didn’t blame the person who spread her video because she could reflect upon her own actions. She concluded, “While I was resting, I was thirsting for singing. I know I made a lot of people uncomfortable with my actions, and I apologize, once again. I don’t ask you to change your perception of me at this moment, but I hope you can give me another chance.”

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