All You Need to Know About RED VELVET’s Wendy (Profile, Facts, Family, Debut, and Controversy)


Wendy’s Instagram

After reading this article, you must be falling in love with Wendy even more and want to get to know more about her, right? In order to get to know her better, you might want to follow her on social media.

Unfortunately, Wendy is the only Red Velvet member that doesn’t have her own Instagram account! *insert sad face*

Recently, on MBC Radio Kim Shinyoung’s Noon of Hope, Wendy and Irene revealed the real reason why they still hadn’t opened their personal Instagram accounts. The interview was held back when Irene still hadn’t created her own Instagram, and she said that she didn’t create one yet was because she didn’t know how to operate Instagram.

While for Wendy, almost all members agreed that it would be hard for Wendy to have her own Instagram account because she would take too much time to choose and explore filters for any one photo. The other Red Velvet members also said that Wendy would start all over again when there was something wrong with something that she was going to post, instead of just editing it.

She agreed with their assessment and said that she is not really good with technology, and it would take almost half an hour for her to upload a photo.

This interview was in August, 2019, and Irene opened her own Instagram account in the following month. We know that even though Irene said that she didn’t know how to use Instagram, she changed her mind and opened her personal Instagram account just like Joy, Yeri, and Seulgi, who all had one already. It means that Wendy will probably join the rest of the gang using Instagram, as well!

While we’re waiting for Wendy to open her personal Instagram account, let’s take a look at some pictures she posted on Red Velvet’s Instagram account!

It really is so rare to see Wendy on Red Velvet’s Instagram account, especially if we compare her with Yeri, Joy, and Seulgi. But don’t worry too much, we gathered the photos that she posted. Let’s take a look at them down below!

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뉴욕 화보 촬영 중

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레드벨벳 리얼리티 #redvelvet#레드벨벳

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루돌프 두마리 👯‍♀️

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Let’s just hope that one day Wendy will actually create her own account! As a fan, let’s just promise one thing, we will just post good things about her and Red Velvet on her posts and not to throw bad things that will let her or other idols down!

Wendy’s Latest News

Since the day of their debut, all the Red Velvet members, including Wendy, have dyed their hair various colors and changed their hairstyles, as well. The changes are usually because they want to match their hairstyle and color with the song that they are promoting at the time.

Recently, Wendy shocked many people on the Internet with her blonde hair.


It has been a long time since she dyed her hair blond.  She hasn’t done it since “Ice Cream Cake” was first released. Usually her hair is black or dark brown. But seeing her with blonde hair is as good as her dark-colored hair, right?

She’s still as pretty and gorgeous as usual!

On September 30, 2019, it was reported that Wendy and other idols ,such as AOA’s Seolhyun, Ong Seong-woo, etc., were invited to read a book on a new MBC radio show. The upcoming show is called “Listening to Books”, and the artists will read everything from practical books to classics. This show will be aired in October, every Saturday and Sunday.

Are you excited to see other projects from Wendy and Red Velvet? Let’s just continue to cheer them on and give them a lot of love!