All You Need to Know About RED VELVET’s Wendy (Profile, Facts, Family, Debut, and Controversy)


Controversies Surrounding Wendy

As a Korean celebrity, especially one of the members of a popular girl-group in South Korea, it’s not that unusual to have scandals or controversies attached to your name. Wendy is one of the artists that has some controversies surrounding her. It doesn’t matter that she’s so caring and kind-hearted to people around her, there were still moments where people found something she did to be offensive or controversial.


One of the controversies that she had came up when Wendy was mimicking black girls on a Korean talk show called Talk Mon. At the time, she was impersonating how black girls talk and comparing it to how white girls talk.

Some people find the behavior offensive, especially since none of the other guests or MCs on the show did anything about it.

The other controversy around Wendy doesn’t just involve her, but other Red Velvet members, as well. It was because the group had to perform at Pyongyang, North Korea, on April 1, 2018, where they met Kim Jong-un, and even took a photo together.

After that, Red Velvet was asked how they felt about performing in front of North Korean citizens, as well as the leader, Kim Jong-un. The group responded by saying that “North Korean audiences responded magnificently. They gave us big clapped hands and didn’t even stop after we went back in.” What made netizens angry was when they addressed Kim Jong-un as a warm person. The South Korean netizens considered it as rude.

What do you think about it? Do you find that all these controversies surrounding Wendy was offensive, as well? Then again, Wendy and other Red Velvet members are human, they do make a mistakes. With this, we can learn that we have to make sure not to hurt anyone when we put something online!

Wendy as the MC of a TV Program

In January 2017, Wendy, Highlight’s leader Yoon Do-joon, and Lee Su-geun were selected as MCs for a TV Program called “Raid the Convenience Store” on tvN. This program was about trick recipes for making delicious dishes with the ingredients that you can find in a convenience store. They were all easy and quick recipes that could be a life-hack for everyone, even if they don’t know how to cook!

Wendy said that she was confident aboug being one of the MCs of the show because there were two other MCs, Lee Su-geun and Yoon Do-joon. Let’s take a look at some interactions between the three MCs, and at what a great job Wendy did!

Red Velvet even came on the show once, to support their precious and lovely member, Wendy!

However, in February 2017, it was reported that Wendy left the show. On the official statement, they didn’t offer a reason for why she left, but just said that, “Wendy has unable to join the official broadcast while the other MCs will still remain. We will search for a new MC.

It could be because, as a female idol, she couldn’t eat everything on the show and the manager had keep an eye out for what she should or shouldn’t eat.

But don’t worry too much! On April 28, 2019, Wendy once again made an appearance on a TV show called “Love Me Actually” on MBC, where she talked about what her dating lifewould be like if she has a boyfriend one day. On that show, as the guest MC along with other MC, Wendy watched and gave her reactions about a celebrity that was experiencing a date with a non-celebrity. Wendy said that she could relate to the couple whenever they felt shy or blushed.


She also said that it was fun being on the show.

When the MC asked Wendy about how her dating lifestyle would be, she said that she will give everything to someone when she ready give them her heart. The MCs were touched and said, “I hope you two have a good relationship to whoever that can win Wendy’s heart.

Who else wants Wendy and her future lover to have a great relationship? Raise your hands!

Wendy, the English Spokesperson from RED VELVET

Since Wendy spent her teenage life in Canada, of course she can speak English really well. In fact, compared to other Red Velvet members, Wendy is the only member that has good English skills. So when Red Velvet went abroad, especially when they were promoting in the US and held the US tour, Wendy automatically became the spokesperson for Red Velvet when it came to speaking English.

If the interviewers were speaking in English, Wendy answered it right away with her English speaking mode. She also translated what the other members said in Korean into English.

Let’s take a look at some videos where Wendy was the English’s spokesperson for Red Velvet!

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