Complete Information About Korean Rapper Olltii (Profile, Facts, Show Me The Money, and Scandal)


Let Get to Know Show Me The Money‘s Cool Rapper – Olltii

Do you like South Korea hip-hop shows? If you said yes, you have definitely heard about Show Me The Money! It was the first hip-hop show in South Korea and as time has passed, more and more people have been getting interested in Korean hip-hop. Olltii (올티) was one of the contestants on the show. In fact, he’s been a contestant three times. His real name is Jung Woosung (정우성). He appeared on the show for the first time when he was only 18 years old. Fun fact, Olltii also is known as B.I’s teammate in this show. Do you want to know more about Olltii? Let’s take a look at his profile!

Olltii’s Full Profile

  • Record label: Olltii
  • Stage Name: Olltii
  • Birth Name: Jung Woo Sung
  • Birthday: January 2, 1996
  • Age: 23
  • Hometown: Anyang
  • Crew: ADV
  • Instagram: olltii
  • Twitter: @olltii
  • Youtube: ADV Crew
  • Soundcloud: 올티(Olltii)

Facts About Olltii

  • His stage name means “an upright attitude”
  • Kim Yoonah sang for the drama Missing Noir, featuring Olltii as the rapper in 2010.
  • Olltii was known to make provoking remarks towards B.I and BOBBY during ‘Show Me The Money’ because of their status as ‘idol rappers.’
  • He’s often uploaded his picture while holding cigarettes
  • Despite the fact that Olltii’s punchline to Bobby in Show Me The Money specifically included insults against idol rappers, he’s on good term with him. Bobby even said that he’s close to him.

Rookie Rapper Olltii in Show Me The Money 3


His first appearance on the TV show was in 2014. One of his exclusive performance to show off his talents to an excited audience was on July 31. But he caused some controversy with this rap. The lyrics were dissing idols, especially rappers. He said that idols “call themselves singers but put effort in enhancing their looks than their abilities“. Other than that, he also said that many idols are singer-songwriter but he felt no sincerity in their songs. What made fans even angrier at him was that Bobby and B.I were rookie idols at that time. Check out his performances below!

On the show, Olltii teamed up with B.I and Yuk Jidam as #YGteam. Their mentors were Epik High’s Tablo and Masta Wu. Previously, Olltii criticized B.I with his rap for forgetting his lyrics. And it looked like that it worked out well for B.I; he showed a really great performance in the next episode. Even though B.I and Olltii didn’t seem to have a great relationship, Olltii broke that speculation. He uploaded a team photo on his Instagram. We  can see they’re not just teammates with a fierce rivalry, but also friends, judging by the way they lean on each other both in the show and snapshot.


On the next episode, B.I and Olltii were called up for elimination. Fortunately, Olltii was saved and B.I was the one who got eliminated. On episode 8, he got a chance to perform with a special guest, Block B’s Zico, with song That XX by G-dragon. After that stage, Zico expressed his confidence in Olltii’s ability to win the competition. The MC also said that Olltii and Zico seemed like one group.

Sadly, Olltii didn’t make it to the semi-final. He lost to Bobby, but he accepted it. He said, “I lost.  I lost to Bobby. Bobby did well to the point I can cleanly accept this.” Even though his loss caused the loss of his producing team, Tablo and Masta Wu, Tablo wasn’t mad at him. Furthermore, he looked forward for Olltii’s album. He said As a fan, I will look forward to Olltii’s new album.  Olltii’s rap is number one rap.” Now, how about you check out his other performance, here?

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