All About Korean-American Rapper Flowsik (Profile, Facts, Debut, and Instagram)


Let’s meet Korean – American Rapper : Flowsik

Let’s meet the handsome Korean -American rapper, Flowsik. Most of you are probably familiar with him. Yes, he is a rapper who played in the television series Show Me The Money 5 and even though he is 34 years old right now, he is still as charismatic as ever. After finishing his last album, he made a comeback with a tour and released an album, solo album.

The rapper who used to be a member of the boy band AZIATIX, will come back with his album and some new collab so, put a smile on your face girls. Today, Byeol Korea will provide you with all the information about Flowsik, Check it out.

Full Profile of Flowsik


Stage Name: Flowsik (플로우식)
Birth Name: Jay Pak
Korean Name: Pak Dae-sik (박대식)
Birthday: April 5, 1985
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Nationality: Korean-American
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 73 kg (160 lbs)
Blood Type: –

Fun facts of Flawsik

– He was born in Queens, New York.
– In 2018 He graduated in English literature from Queens Collage, New York
– He was a contestant on the TV show Show Me the Money 5 in 2016.
– He was interested in music from a young age.
– He played both the trumpet and baritone horn while growing up.
– He has collaborated with artists like Jessi, Varien, and Teri Miko, JYJ, and Ice-T.
– He has made appearances as a host and performer on MTV-K (MTV Korea) and Kollaboration NYC.
– When he was 15 he started composing song and made a song
– When he was young, he would get lots of inspiration from artists like Tupac.
– He featured in Minzy’s ‘Ninano’.

Debut Flowsik with Hip-hop Group, AZIATIX


ZIATIX was a Korean – American hip hop and R&B trio consisting of members Flowsik, Eddie Shin, and Nicky Lee. The group was made in Seoul, South Korea, and the debuted in 2011. In the same year the band won Best New Asian Artist at the Mnet Asian Music Award. In 2013, the group signed a lucrative contract with Cash Money Record, which was the largest record deal to date between a U.S. record label and a music act from Asia. But sadly in 2015 Aziatix disbanded and nobody knows the reason

Flowsik’s Solo Debut


On August 25, 2017 yesterday, Flowsik has just made a comeback with the release of the MV “1 Week”. In his comeback, Flowsik collaborated with Kang Gary. The album is very cool and easy to listen and in this albumn he is more mature and his ability is really sharpened.

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