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Complete Information About Rapper Changmo (Profile, Facts, Debut, Collaboration, and Instagram)

Changmo Byeol Korea

Get The Details About Changmo

Hello, hello, fellow K-Poppers! How are you today? Channel-Korea is here again to bring you information about your beloved Korean idols, actors, actresses, producers, and many more, just for you guys. We hope you all are healthy and ready to scroll down, digging some new information from us, your beloved Byeol Korea.

And for today, in this article, we have gathered some details for you about one of the popular Korean rappers and producers. He is a young, talented rapper and a good producer. Yes, we are here to talk about Changmo.

So, without any further ado, keep scrolling down and let’s get to the main topic, readers!

Full Profile of Changmo

Ku Chang-mo ( 고창모 in Korean ), or as people know him by the mononym Changmo, is a South Korean rapper and producer who was born in Jeongson, Gangwon, South Korea on May 31st, 1994. So then, his zodiac sign is Gemini. Changmo’s blood type is A and his height is 180 cm (5”11”). Other than rapping, Changmo can also play the bass and keyboard, too.

Changmo made his debut on March 18th, 2016, with the release of his album M O T O W N. This album was produced, mixed, and mastered all by Changmo himself. The tracklist of this album includes “Light Me Up,” and the second one is “Cater 2 U” (featuring Device Hoon as additional vocal), as the original song is from Destiny’s Child.

Next is “Party,” and then “내꺼” (Mine), “돈벌어” (Earn Money), “W A N G,” “Nobody,” and “여자는 같애” (Same Girls). The other mixtapes are (D-Day, 나의 욤람 ( My Cradle ), and the last one is 여기 서있지 (Standing Here). All of them are good mixtapes. For you who aren’t familiar with Changmo and his work yet, this is a good start to learn about his creations.

After that, in October 2016, Changmo joined Dok2 and The Quiett’s sub-label, Ambition Musik. For your information, Ambition Musik is a South Korean Music label record under independent music label record Illionare. And Changmo is one of the first three rappers (including rapper Kim Hyo-eun and Hash Swan) that Ambition Musik announced after they were established as a record label.

In 2017, according to, Changmo was nominated at the BET Awards. Changmo was nominated alongside fellow Best International Viewers Choice nominees Jorja Smith (U.K.), Dave (U.K.), Amanda Black (South Africa), Ray Vanny (Tanzania), Daniel Caesar (Canada), Remi (Australia), and Skip Marley (Jamaica). He was also the only East Asian artist to be nominated in that year.

As he made his own mixtape, Changmo was a member of the group AboutU, a South Korean indie band that debuted on February 24th, 2018. They released one EP and one of their songs in this EP is “YesterLove.” In this group, Changmo’s position was as a bassist and keyboardist.

Changmo’s Debut with Deoksokids

Before Changmo debuted with his M O T O W N, Changmo had made a mini-album under the label Luminant Entertainment and Deoksokids. The title of the mini-album is Time To Earn Money 2. This mini-album was released on July 21st, 2016. So, basically we can call this as his debut too, but under a different music label.

The tracklist of Time To Earn Money 2 is:

  1. I Make Money,
  2. DON,
  3. Sanai (featuring Donmills/Hwangma K),
  4. Maestro,
  5. Beautiful, and
  6. Mozart

It is basically a continuation of his mixtape in 2013 titled Time To Earn Money, Changmo’s mixtape which is a combination of old-school music and modern hip-hop.

Changmo Collaboration with Ex-SISTAR’s Hyolyn

In 2017, Changmo had a collaboration with Hyolyn, a former member of SISTAR, a Korean girl group. According to, their collaboration is the track titled “Blue Moon” and it was released on April 14th, 2017.

This song was the upcoming song that was a part of SISTAR’s agency, Starship project. Changmo, who in that year was still called a rookie, proved his skills in producing good music as this duet was set to make waves when it was released. Hyolyn also had been making her mark as the main vocalist then, according to


Changmo’s Collaboration with BTS’ Suga and Solo Artist Suran

Beside his collaboration with Hyolyn, Changmo also had a collaboration with R&B vocalist Suran and BTS’ Suga.

The song titled “Wine,” is a hip-hop R&B with a pop groove and futuristic base song sang by Suran featuring Changmo as the rapper. “Wine” was produced by BTS’ Suga, and also with Sugar Rabbit and JUNE. Changmo and Suran were also participating in the composing and writing the lyrics with all of them.

The lyrics are about the reflection of the person seeing their memories of their past relationship through a glass of wine. With the groovy rhythm, the emotions from this song are well represented.

According to and, this track topped various music charts, such as Bugs, Genie, and Olleh Music. This is an impressive achievement for a rookie singer that year. Suran exclusively thanked Suga and Changmo who worked hard together to make this track.

Suran also said that she has always been a fan of Changmo and she was very happy when Changmo agreed to feature in her song, while Changmo really elevated the track to another level with his rapping.


Changmo Appearance on Mnet’s Show Me The Money Season 3 and Show Me The Money 777

Show Me The Money is a South Korean rap competition TV show by Mnet airing since 2012 to its final season in 2019. This show is credited with increasing South Korean’s interest in the hip-hop genre. The winner of this show receives one hundred million won as a prize.

The 3rd season of this show was aired in 2014, including underground rappers, non-Koreans, students, and previous Show Me The Money contestants, Changmo also participated in this show.

But after passing the first three rounds on this show, unfortunately, Changmo didn’t make it into the TOP 16.

And in 2018, in the 7th season of Show Me The Money, known as Show Me The Money 777, Changmo joined again but not as a contestant, but as a judge from Team Illionare Ambition with The Quiett. But unlike the previous season, this season didn’t have the first preliminary round.

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