All Details About Korean Rapper C JAMM (Profile, Facts, Show Me the Money, and Scandal)


C Jamm’s As a Show Me the Money Contestant


Show Me The Money (SMTM) is a South Korean rap competition program that airs on Mnet. The program first aired in 2012 and is still very popular now, and now it’s the 7th season, in 2018. This TV program is increasingly in demand by hip-hop music lovers. Loco was the winner of the first season. The winner of the second season was the hip-hop trio Soul Dive. The third season was won by Bobby from the K-Pop idol group iKON, then in season 4, the winner was BasickThe fifth season was won by bewhY, and in season 6, the winner was Hangzoo, and the last but not last winner of season 7 is MKITRAIN’s Nafla.

Show Me the Money 3


In 2014, the show Show Me the Money 3 was won by Bobby from iKON’s K-Pop boy band. More than 3,000 people auditioned for this season, 1.5 times more than the last season, including underground rappers, non-Korean artists, students, and former SMTM contestants. Rapper C Jamm was a participant in this season, he entered the top 16.


In the top 16, several groups were formed, namely the Illionaire team, the Brand New team, the YG team, and the YDG team. C Jamm was included in the Brand New team, where other than C Jamm, there was Vaso, Boon Hyunsuk, and Sung Janggun. C Jamm made it to the semi-finals or round 8 with the remaining four rappers. He had to be killed because among the four rappers only he had the lowest score.

Show Me the Money 5

Show Me the Money 5 was the fifth season of the Show Me the Money series, which premiered on May 6th, 2016, aired every Friday night on Mnet, and ended on July 15th, 2016. Show Me the Money 5, or SMTM5’s process was carried out with an open audition where contestants were asked for a cappella rap, but for the first time, LA auditions were also held alongside traditional auditions in Seoul.


In this season, the contestants included several finalists or semi-finalists from the previous seasons, including C Jamm. This season, he joined the YG team where he was a former SMTM3 semifinalist. Entering under the Just Music label he became a member of $Exy Street, together with BewhY.


C Jamm made it to the final round, but in the finals, he lost to his own best friend BewhY and C Jamm finished in the runner-up position this season.

C Jamm’s Marijuana Scandal and Controversy


On May 28th, 2018, the runner-up of the show Show Me the Money 5 was caught due to marijuana use issues. C Jamm was allegedly using marijuana from February 2017 to April 2018, where he bought a total of 112 grams of marijuana from the seller at a price of 16,050,000 won.

In addition, he was also charged with using marijuana on several other occasions with the rapper VASCO. The reason why C Jamm used marijuana, was not for health-related reasons or other reasons, but it turned out the reason was, in fact, music. He thinks that narcotics are useful for helping him make songs. He even once said that he would finish the recording before he goes to jail.

C Jamm’s Latest News 2019

Because of the narcotics use case, C Jamm is charged with 2 years in prison and a fine of USD $15,000 (Rp.210 million). C Jamm requested that before he was imprisoned, he must be treated in rehabilitation. He once posted a picture with a dog, trying to hint at the point of finishing the recording before he is imprisoned.

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