All About Pentagon’s Hui (Profile, Facts, Scandal, Dating, ABS, and Latest News)


Pentagon Hui’s Abs!

Pentagon Hui
Pentagon Hui

Dating Scandals and Other Controversies

Pentagon Hui x G(i)dle Soojin

Pentagon’s agency, CUBE Entertainment, gave an official statement about Hui and his label mate (G)i-dle Soojin’s dating rumor on August 3, 2018. The agency said, “Regarding the dating rumor between Hui and Soojin, we have confirmed the facts, and they are reported through our official statement.” They added, ” After checking with them, we found out that they were dating before and now they are broken up.”

hui x soojin

Following the rumor, many fans left Pentagon’s official fan club. They felt betrayed and desperate because of that rumor. Also, netizens responded to the rumor as a bad scandal for a rookie group.

After observing how fans and netizens responded to the scandal, CUBE Entertainment apologized about their artists’ controversies. They stated, “We sincerely apologize for causing concern to all fans regarding our artist scandals and who love CUBE Entertainment artists. Thank you.”

Hui with Sub-Unit Triple H


Triple H is a sub-unit group under CUBE Entertainment and consists of Hyuna, Pentagon former member E’Dawn, and Pentagon’s Hui. They debuted on May 1, 2017, and produced two mini-albums called 199x in March 2017 and Retro Futurism in June.

In early August 2018, Triple H disbanded because of a dating scandal. Hyuna and E’dawn confessed that they were dating for about 2 years and then left their agency. Meanwhile, Hui is continuing his carrier with Pentagon.

Pentagon’s Latest News

Pentagon Cosmo Album Cover

On December 21, Pentagon released their album cover for their upcoming Japanese album Cosmo. The album cover looks darker than their previous Korean albums. Meanwhile, they released individual covers. Let’s check them out!

Pentagon Hui
Pentagon Wooseok

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