Get Closer With Pentagon Member Hongseok (Profile, Facts, Dating, Girlfriend, and ABS)


Hongseok’s Dating Rumors and Girlfriend

In 2017, there was a rumor spreads about Hongseok dating a trainee. In an internet forum, the topic titled “Photos of PENTAGON’s Yang Hongseok on a date (feat. ‘Produce 101’ Lee Soohyun?)” attracted many people to discuss.

The topic was brought by fan photos of Hongseok hang out with a girl that is identified by Netizens as Lee Soo-hyun, a trainee from the first season of Mnet’s Produce 101 by looking her piercing and her moles on arms. They seemed so careless by hanging out so freely.

On July 7, 2017, Cube Entertainment made a clarification towards the rumor. They said, “It is true that the individuals in the photo are Yang Hongseok and Lee Soohyun; however, they are not dating. They are just friends.” The agency continued, “The two met for the first time in a long time so they had a meal together and went to Cheonggyecheon because the weather was nice that day. If they were dating, they would not have been so boldly out and about like that. The two are not dating.”

Hongseok’s Sexy ABS

As it already said before, Hongseok said that his abs are his favorite and best feature. Is it that good? Let’s see!

Well, you lied if you are not dropping your jaw while seeing this blessed pictures of Hongseok’s abs!

Hongseok’s Instagram Feeds

When he was a trainee in Cube Entertainment, Hongseok used to have a private Instagram account @sungsibalnom0701. The account made the controversy that Hongseok keeps talking harshly and even judged some celebrity. After apologized to his fans, he locked the account and seemed not active right now. Hongseok doesn’t have any official account right now, so let’s see Hongseok’s latest post from Pentagon’s official account @cube_ptg!

Hongseok’s appearance on one of KBS’s show.

Sporty Hongseok with his grey hoodies. Try to keep warm, oppa!

Hongseok’s Latest News

Recently, Hongseok participated in MBC’s Real man 300 along with Blackpink Lisa, Kang Ji-hwan, and so on. During the episode, the contestants should train in combat swimming, starting with a special swimming exam where Hongseok should beat Jeon So-mi’s father Matthew Douma. Hongseok was super confidence that he would beat the opponent and be accepted in advanced swimming class. He also revealed his past experience, “When I was studying abroad in Singapore, I was the top athlete swimmer in my school.”

The result comes out perfectly as he wanted. Not only beating Matthew Douma, but he was also the only one who made it into the advanced swimming class and showing impressive skills in treading water and being able to swim across 1.6-kilometer distance!