Complete Information About On Joo-wan (Profile, Facts, Dating History, Abs, and Marriage)


On Joo-wan and Sooyoung’s On-Screen Wedding

The MBC Drama Man Who Sets the Table just concluded the romance between SNSD’s Soo-young and On Joo-wan happily after months of airing. The drama tells the story of Lee Roo-ri (Soo-young) who decided to give up on getting a job at a large company. She then travels abroad and meets Jung Tae-yong (On Joo-wan) who is finally able to change her life.

Roo-ri and Tae-yong are told to be married in the last episode of Man Who Sets the Table. Following completion, the production team released behind-the-scenes photos that were guaranteed to make the audiences swoon. In the photos, On Joo-wan and Soo-young are seen posing and taking a selfie together. They look comfortable around each other.

Man Who Sets the Table closed the airing period with 18.4 percent rating. The drama will be replaced by Rich Family’s Son starring Kim Ji Hoon and Kim Joo Hyun.


On Joo-wan’s Glorious Abs and Shirtless Scenes

On Joo-wan is known as the “Nude Scene Senior” due to the number of movies in which he has shown skin (The Peter Pan Formula, The Five). One of the reasons that he has that nickname is because he has glorious abs and he’s not afraid to show them!

In the episode of tvN’s SNL Korea Season 5 which aired on June 14th, 2014, On Joo-wan appeared as a host and he showed his amazing abs to the audiences.

During a section called “Fugitive,” On Joo-wan played as the fugitive, and Ahn young-mi told him to disguise into Kim Jong-guk, K.Will, and Daesung, who are known to look alike in appearance. Ahn Young-mi then gave him clothes for disguise and Ohn Joo-wan took off his clothes to get changed.

The audience showed explosive reactions looking at On Joo-wan’s amazing abs. Netizens commented, “On Joo-wan has perfect abs,” “For how long do you need to exercise to have such amazing abs?” and more.

He also shows his abs in a shower scene for a drama.


Latest News of On Joo-wan

It has been confirmed that On Joo-wan will play a supporting role in an upcoming movie, An Honest Candidate. The movie is a comedy about a third term congresswoman named Joo Sang-sook (Ra Mi-ran) who is an expert liar. One day, she can’t lie anymore, with only a day to go before the elections.

The movie is filled with acclaimed movie stars, such as Ra Mi-ran, Kim Moo-yool, and Na Moon-hee. The role of On Joo-wan hasn’t been disclosed. The movie is expected to hit the theaters in 2020.

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