All About NU’EST’s Minhyun (Profile, Facts, Debut, Comeback, and Latest News)


Min-hyun’s Debut with NU’EST

After undergoing a training period of one year and six months, Min-hyun finally debuted with four other members, JR, Aron, Baekho, and Ren in a boy band called NU’EST under Pledis Entertainment, on March 15th, 2012.

The boy band NU’EST finally launched their debut music video titled “Face.” The boy band that debuted under Pledis Entertainment had previously stolen a lot of attention even though it hadn’t yet debuted. NU’EST itself is an urban electro boy band and in the music video, NU’EST is ready to launch a debut album with the same title, FACE.

NU’EST is short for NU (New), Establish, Style, Tempo, where they want to create a new style of music. NU’EST became the center of attention because of the quality of their vocals, combined with the visual appearance of the members who have above-average faces. They are also ready to enliven the K-Pop music scene with unique music styles and colors.

Meanwhile, “Face” was composed by Swedish composer Daniel Bergman. The song features the popular dubstep, combined with an addictive chorus. With a strong rhythm and smooth synthesizer and great bass sound, this song deserves to be taken into account.

Let’s watch NU’EST’s debut stage performance of “Face” in some of the music shows, below!

Min-hyun Joining Produce 101 Season 2

In February 2017, rumors about NU’EST circulated on the internet. Rumor has it that they will disband and then participate in Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2 as Pledis trainees. Then, their agency, Pledis Entertainment, released an official statement that the news of NU’EST participating in Produce 101 Season 2 was true. Pledis also stated that NU’EST members would participate as their promotional activities and refuted rumors about NU’EST’s disbanded.

NU’EST’s chance to build their popularity opened when four members, Baekho, JR, Min-hyun, and Ren took part in the survival show Produce 101 Season 2. Unfortunately, of the four members who participated in Produce 101 Season 2, only Min-hyun was chosen as a member of Wanna One.

Hwang Min-hyun is now known as a member of Wanna One. He was the only member of NU’EST who made it into the top 11 of Produce 101 Season 2 when he was ranked 9th in the last episode. Fans named Min-hyun as Hwang Emperor after he performed “Sorry Sorry” with his team members.

The “Sorry Sorry” Team with Min-hyun, also known as the Justice League, showed an impressive stage and has been loved by fans until now because of their friendship. “Sorry Sorry” Team members were chosen by Min-hyun so he got a nickname.

Let’s check out Min-hyun’s appearance!

Hwang Emperor and his legendary team performed Super Junior’s song “Sorry Sorry.”

Besides excelling in his dance performance, Hwang Min-hyun also showed his skills in singing the song “Downpour” by I.O.I.

Not only showing his singing and dancing skills, but Hwang Min-hyun also briefly became a center in his performance of “Never.”

The rankings obtained by Min-hyun when he joined Produce 101 Season 2 are 11th with 680,322 votes, 6th with 2,004,207 votes, 11th with 315,650 votes, and final ranking announcement in the 9th position with 862,719 votes.

Min-hyun is also very close to the contestants of Produce 101 Season 2. Lee Dae-hwi also said that he would marry Min-hyun if he were a woman. Min-hyun was also in a room with Ji-hoon, Jae-hwan, Woo-jin, and Lai Guan-lin.

Min-hyun is also one of the Produce 101 Season 2 contestants who are famous for being close to other contestants. Ong Seung-woo once chose Hwang Min-hyun as one of the truest members and he also had the role of a father of the Produce 101 Season 2 contestants.

In the Happy Together 3 program that aired in August 2017, Hwang Min-hyun revealed the funny things his parents did when he appeared on Produce 101 Season 2. Hwang Min-hyun said, “Before Produce 101: Season 2, I had been promoting for six years as a singer,” he said of his activities as a member of NU’EST.

He continued, “I did a promotion for six years but my parents never asked for my autograph to be given to their friends. I then gave my signature and asked them to promote NU’EST,” he said. “But recently they contacted my agency because I didn’t have a cell phone. They asked if they could ask for 100 signatures. They were very happy and that also made me feel happy,” added Hwang Min-hyun.

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