All About NU’EST’s Minhyun (Profile, Facts, Debut, Comeback, and Latest News)

Hwang Min-hyun’s Career And Latest News That You Should Know!

Wanna One, who debuted as one of the boy groups from Mnet’s Produce 101: Season 2 survival show, attracted a lot of attention from fans and also the public. The members who finally made their debut in Wanna One also had excellent visuals and talents because they were chosen because of the large number of votes from the fans until they finally made it into the top 11 finalists.

In this article, we are going to take a look at a member of Wanna One who previously also debuted as a member under Pledis Entertainment, NU’EST’s Hwang Min-hyun. His debut in Wanna One received a lot of attention and praise from the fans and also the public in South Korea.

Let’s find out more and check out the article below!

NU’EST’s Minhyun’s Profile
  • Real Name: Hwang Min-hyun (황민현)
  • Stage Name: Min-hyun (민현)
  • Place and Date of Birth: Busan, South Korea, August 9th, 1995
  • Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul
  • Inha University
  • Idol Group: NU’EST, Wanna One
  • Agency Label: Pledis Entertainment/YMC/Swing
  • Official Sites: @optimushwang (Instagram)

Facts About NU’EST’s Minhyun
  1. Min-hyun has a personality which has a conservative, sharp and intellectual charm
  2. Min-hyun can speak Japanese very well
  3. Min-hyun can play the piano, write lyrics, and compose music
  4. Min-hyun’s hobbies are cleaning and organizing
  5. Min-hyun has an allergy to salt and he gets allergic to his own sweat when practicing
  6. Min-hyun has role models, which are TVXQ and Eric Benet
  7. Min-hyun hasn’t really dated anyone. His dating experience was in the 9th grade via text but they never had a skinship and then broke up
  8. Min-hyun’s waist measurement is 30 inches
  9. Min-hyun made an appearance in Orange Caramel’s “Shanghai Romance” music video and received the nickname Shanghai Boy
  10. Min-hyun made another appearance in After School Blue’s “Wonder Boy” music video as a back dancer
  11. Min-hyun acted in the Japanese movie Their Distance, with other NU’EST members, such as Ren and JR
  12. Min-hyun doesn’t have a first love, he hasn’t had his first kiss either
  13. His first hug with a girl is with a fan of his
  14. Min-hyun always protests when Ren says Baekho is the most handsome member of NU’EST
  15. For Min-hyun, he’s the most handsome in NU’EST. 2nd and 3rd place are Aron and Ren
  16. Min-hyun was a trainee for one and a half years
  17. When he first returned to his home in Busan after his debut, his mother said that he became noisy
  18. Min-hyun really likes Optimus Prime, so he is nicknamed Optimus Prince
  19. Min-hyun likes all fruits
  20. The highest rank he ever got during school was 5th
  21. In NU’EST, Min-hyun is the most innocent
  22. Fans: “Oppa, when did you start being handsome and good looking?”

Min-hyun: “Since August 9th, 1995.”

Min-hyun: “Actually since grade 1 high school.”

  1. Min-hyun is the tallest member of NU’EST. And the second tallest among Pledis Boys
  2. Baekho says Min-hyun is super clean
  3. Aron said that Min-hyun’s role in NU’EST is to be a mother
  4. There was once a fan who asked, “Oppa. Do you want to marry a younger or older woman?” And Min-hyun said,” Older, younger, the same age won’t be a problem for me.”
  5. Min-hyun’s favorite overseas artist is One Direction
  6. Min-hyun doesn’t have a favorite sport because basically, he doesn’t like sports
  7. The way Min-hyun gets rid of stress is by singing
  8. Min-hyun likes to embarrass other members because he likes to sing loudly wherever he is, including on the subway
  9. Min-hyun likes black
  10. Min-hyun likes to carry body lotion in his bag

His Pre-debut Story

Min-hyun once shared his story about his pre-debut era and how the agency found him to be a trainee. The owner of the name Hwang Min-hyun said, “I was found when I came home from school. It happened suddenly, but actually, I wanted to be a singer from childhood.”

Little Min-hyun looks very cute. His face hasn’t changed much even when he grew up and his cute eyes and charisma have become even brighter since Min-hyun was a kid.

“Because I’m really tired of my dance and vocal training, I usually fall asleep. When I arrive at school in the morning, I greet the teachers and fell asleep. My teacher knows that I am in the music industry and he understands my situation.

One day, when I was in the second year of high school, I ate instant noodles outside of school with my friend during class. My teacher caught us and advised us cruelly and that’s where I was very disappointed with myself. I thought I was just starving.”- Hwang Min-hyun

Min-hyun also shared about his days when he was a trainee and how he really enjoyed his experience prior to debuting as an idol. “I… I like singing, it’s not difficult for me. I practiced vocal enthusiastically. Actually, the first time, I really did not understand the awesomeness of dance. I started dancing when I became a trainee. Dance lessons are very difficult, so that’s the only hard thing for me. But now, I like to sing while dancing.” Min-hyun explained.

However, there are also pre-debut stories about Min-hyun when he was still in school. Appearing on a radio program with NU’EST in 2017, Min-hyun admitted he and his schoolmates stole a bicycle and sold it. Suddenly, this news became a topic of debate among the netters, because Min-hyun was considered to have a bad character to be an idol.

In between the netters debate, Min-hyun’s junior high homeroom teacher appeared. Admitting there was no lure from Min-hyun, the teacher defended him from the bad confession through his Facebook account.

“I am the homeroom teacher of Hwang Min-hyun in 9th grade. I also taught him in grades 7 and 8. Until now I still work in the same school,” the teacher started explaining.

“There is some news about bicycle theft committed by Min-hyun. I concluded, Min-hyun just told an exaggerated story on the radio show. I believe he told me that because the radio program would want excessive stories to be lit light,” added the teacher.

“I saw him grow for three years in middle school. But as far as I know, he is a diligent student. I’m writing this to share stories to support and believe in Hwang Min-hyun who has suffered because of the wrong news,” the teacher added.

“Maybe someone thinks I’m writing this on Hwang Min-hyun’s orders. But, after he graduated, I have never seen or met him again. I have only seen him on the internet and television,” explained the teacher named Kim Sungyul.

“I want to remind all who read this. Hwang Min-hyun never stole anything at school. He enjoyed his life like other students. People who are friends at school and workplaces must agree with this fact,” concluded the teacher.

Although Min-hyun’s teacher at school had responded that the news was not true, the public and netizens responded to the news quite confused and said that Min-hyun was not a good figure as an idol.

Some comments related to Min-hyun’s story of stealing a bicycle when he was in school were from Joongang Ilbo via Nate, such as “I swear all the thugs in high school, all end up becoming rappers or celebrities.” “All of the trainees with fishy pasts need to voluntarily leave the show. I hope all the thugs in high school now realize that the fists they’re throwing around will come back to shackle their future.”

“He did it just for ‘fun’… well, not like you’d expect him to understand the pain of someone who had something stolen from them.” “So many thugs in the industry.” “What is he so proud of that he’s bragging about it on TV? Did he think we would understand if he excused himself as being immature?”

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