Get Closer With NRG’s Noh Yoo-min (Profile, Facts, Daughter, and Lose Weight)

Noh Yoo-min Byeol Korea

Revealed That His Group Lip Synced

On the Mnet talk show, I Can See Your Voice 4 aired on March 16th, Noh Yoo-min revealed interesting information about NRG performances in the past. He admitted that when it came to live performances, NRG were usually lip-syncing. Noh Yoo-min said, “Oh yes, we were a 100% lip-syncing group.” The audience burst into laughter because of his honest statement.

Losing 30 kg Of Extra Weight In 3 Months


Noh Yoo-min was committed to decreasing his weight since two years ago. On his Instagram page, he stated, “It has been officially 2 years since I have gone on a diet!! I lost 30 kg in 3 months and am still going strong without any yo-yo effects.” Then he uploaded a recent photo of him where it was quite obvious that he looks totally different.

Noh Yoo-min managed to lose 30 kg of unwanted weight, he was somewhere around 100 kg at the time we decided to diet, in just three months. Amazing right!

He shared some tips and tricks about successful dieting, he said, “First of all, eat three meals a day. Second, consume a wide variety of vegetables. Third, drink lots of warm water.”

It is very easy but you really need to be disciplined and, of course, no cheating. You can see the difference between him in the past who is very fat with a beard and long random style hair. People keep saying that he is so handsome at his age now, if he was part of the generation of age of Produce 101, Noh yoo-min could go to the finals even with no skills because of his looks. Well, what do you think?

Now, he is 38 years old and is looking at his best. Noh Yoo-min was popular with his “legendary visual” among the older generation of K-Pop artists. However, it is worth mentioning that Noh Yoo-min wasn’t immediately successful in his attempt to lose weight. In 2010 he managed to lose about 20 kg of extra weight but got them back quite quickly. Then, again in 2012, where he managed to lose weight and then immediately get it back. But now he is reaping the reward of his effort, losing so drastically and more than ever. He has taught us a lesson to learn that in order to get something we want we need to try your best, don’t give up, it might come at the right time.

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