All Information About MXM’s Im Young-min (Profile, Facts, Produce 101, Dating, and Fashion Style)


Im Young-min’s Dating News

Besides the scandal of his brother who asked the fans to comply certain request, Im Young-min was also alleged to have a girlfriend before his participation in Produce 101. In Pann forum, the post of Youngmin’s girlfriend surfaced as her Instagram account has been found by the fans. It was stated that Youngmin and his supposed-to-be girlfriend did lovestagram, went to Japan together after he shot the PR video for Produce 101, and spent Youngmin’s Christmas birthday together. What is more shocking is that the girl exposed that she and Youngmin have slept together by taking photos of them sleeping and waking up, a private matter that should not be revealed so easily.

The fans also suspected that during the first episode of Produce 101, Youngmin wore his couple ring.

The dating scandal made Youngmin’s fans disappointed. They understand that the aspiring idol must have dated at some point of his life but they are already upset by his attention-seeking girlfriend, ‘I am not even his fan but as soon as I saw how many spelling mistakes his girlfriend makes, I am completely turned off… Imagine how the other kids want it so bad, but he is busy being obvious about it, it is such a disappointment… He does not look like he is earnest’. In another post, a forum member created a list of why Youngmin should not debut, reasoning that his relationship might affect the other members to do the same, the tribute sent to him might be sent to his girlfriend and that whenever he said something, he might direct it to his girlfriend. Brand New Music as Youngmin’s agency clarified on their official Facebook page that Youngmin’s girlfriend scandal is groundless, “Speculative posts can hurt the person directly involved, so we ask that you refrain from spreading rumors”.

Not only Youngmin’s past relationship, the spoiled result of Produce 101 Season 2 was revealed by an online forum member who claimed to be the acquaintance of Youngmin’s girlfriend. The person stated that Youngmin achieved fifth place, Joo Hak-nyeon took the tenth place, and that Park Ji-hoon who is the strong contender of the show was not first place. The statement turned out to be true when the episode aired in late May. After asking Youngmin’s agency, Mnet’s representative side said that they will not add Youngmin’s penalty because he never revealed the ranking results to anyone.

Im Young-min’s Instagram Feed

Despite has not owned his personal Instagram account, the fans of Im Young-min are still able to get a frequent dose of their idol through official Instagram of Brand New Boys (@bnmboysofficial). Created on 30 March 2017, Brand New Boys Instagram account has been verified and posted approximately 402 posts, gained 383,000 followers, and follows 1 account, the official account of Brand New Music. Here are the top 10 of Im Young-min’s Instagram Feed in BNM Boys account that you must see!

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