Get to Know More About MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo (Profile, Facts, Dating, Plastic Surgery, and Diet Plan)


MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo’s Short Pants Incident

During the promotions of the song “Boom Boom,” netizens were unamused by the signature outfit of each member at the stage as they were wearing crop tops and short bottoms because the agency didn’t give them any safety shorts to wear.

MOMOLAND’s fans become more outraged seeing how short Yeonwoo’s pants are and she kept uncomfortably pulling down the shorts when she performed on the stage.

It was really obvious that the short pants are actually exposing a woman’s butt cheek and it was sure that the idol who’s being forced to wear such an outfit is really feeling uncomfortable in them.

Although “Boom Boom” has so many promotions and the members are constantly changing their outfits into new ones, the stylist never gave them any safety pants to wear.


There are two sides of MOMOLAND’s fans who keep arguing about the promotion for “Boom Boom” since it doesn’t need any sexy concept at all.

Meanwhile, MOMOLAND fans demand a proper outfit for the members to wear because they seemed not to enjoy the performances with crop tops and short pants who are endlessly being pulled upwards and reveal their private areas.

Check out the netizens’ comments about MOMOLAND’s short pants incident as quoted from Koreaboo below!

  • “I’m sure the agency knows and does this on purpose.”
  • “Have you seen the sexually harassing comments on their fan cams because of this… It’s gross.”
  • “There are panties that come with more coverage than those so-called pants.”
  • “Is this the new underwear look or what…”
  • “This kind of ‘sexy concept’ isn’t going to help them last long. I wish the agency would snap out of it and get it together.”

MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo’s Diet Plan

“I was short and really fat back then. I weighed over 60 kg and it was very fat for being a trainee and I started my diet plan with eating one egg and a glass of milk for a day.” MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo

MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Lee Da-bin, or mostly known as MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo, revealed on a photo shoot for International BNT magazine that she became a hot topic because of her beautiful appearance.

MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo said that she was really fat before debuting and weighed over 60 kg. The visual of MOMOLAND also explained how she only ate one egg and one glass of milk a day since she had to lose weight when she was a trainee.

She also commented about her pre-debut photos being leaked which actually proved that she has been naturally beautiful since she was born. MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo said that the photo was taken after she had lost weight and then rumors begin to circulate that she has done plastic surgery on her entire face.

These photos have been taken when MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo was still in her high school days. Can you guys actually recognize her as a member of MOMOLAND?

Fans were surprised to see the appearance of MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo, since she already looked like an idol even before she debuted. MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo had short hair when she was still in high school and it added more innocence to her look.

However, fans might have noticed that the visual of MOMOLAND, Yeonwoo, hasn’t changed at all since her pre-debut photos. She can easily be recognized in her pre-debut photos and it is obvious that the only change is the one brought about by her weight loss, making the huge transformation in her appearance.

The plastic surgery rumor about her isn’t true at all since she has been born naturally beautiful. MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo is definitely a hardworking girl an she’s able to reach every little thing she has been dreaming of.

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