All About Member MIXNINE, Lee Soo-min (Profile, Facts, Career, and Produce 101)

Lee soo-min

Get To Know The Beautiful Lee Soo-min

Lee Soo-min is a South Korean actress and singer. She was born in Bug-guk, Ulsan South Korea. Let’s meet and get up close and personal with this cute and beautiful actress. Her acting and singing are very natural and her voice can hypnotize everyone who listens to her songs. Do you want to learn more about her? Channel-Korea will provide you with all the relevant information about her, and all the facts you need to know. So, stay tuned and keep reading.

Full Profile Of Lee Soo-min

Lee soo-min

Real Name: Lee Soo Min (이수민)
Nickname: Sum (숨)
Date of Birth: March 27th, 1999 (age 20)
Blood Type: O
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Hobbies: Reading
Specialties: Singing and dancing
Role Models: Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello

Facts About Lee Soo-min

  • She was a trainee for four years prior to her appearance in Produce 101.
  • She formerly trained under Fantagio Entertainment.
  • On September 1st, 2018, it was announced that she left LOEN Entertainment.
  • She was set to debut in LOEN’s new girl group in 2018.
  • In a handwritten letter, she revealed that she had been going through a recovery period due to health problems caused by a car accident.
  • During that time, she had thought about her future and came to the decision to terminate her contract.


[2017.03.05] KPOP STAR Season 6 TOP10 Part 2 (#6 The Boys)
[2017.03.12] KPOP STAR Season 6 TOP8 Part 1 (#5 2 Different Tears)
[2017.03.27] KPOP STAR Season 6 TOP6 (#3 Runaway Baby)
[2017.04.03] KPOP STAR Season 6 TOP4 (#2 Something) (MINARI)


[2016] Produce 101
[2016] KPOP STAR 6
[2017] Mix Nine

Career Of Lee Soo-min

Lee soo-min

She hasn’t shared any hints about family details. Also, there is no verified information about married life, divorce, and affairs. We’ll keep you posted if there are any new updates from the team. And talking about her career, she is not only a singer and reality star or actress but also right now she just began her MC career.

According to MBC, recent news revealed that Kim Min Jae would be saying goodbye as an MC of MBC’s Music Core. Now, it has been revealed that Lee Soo Min will also be the new Music Core MC. On September 23rd, 2016, a source confirmed, “Lee Soo Min will join ‘Music Core’ as an MC and the show will move forward with three MCs.”

Lee Soo Min is a child television personality, host, and actress. She is most recognized for being an MC of the kids’ television program Boni Hani. She is currently acting in Second to Last Love.

Lee Soo-min on Produce 101

produce 101

During Produce 101, Soomin represented Fantagio Music, but in April 2016 she left Fantagio Music for unknown reasons. It is assumed since she would not be debuting with Weki Meki, she left the company.

After Produce 101, Lee Soo-min was a contestant on Kpop Star 6. She was in the Top 4 (semifinals) before being eliminated.

After Kpop Star, she officially signed with LEON Entertainment, and then with FAVE Entertainment (a subsidiary of LOEN).

Lee Soo-min on MIXNINE


She was in MIXNINE, an audition program by YG Entertainment to debut trainees from different companies, representing FAVE Entertainment. She earned 2nd place in the girl’s ranking, but her group lost to the boys’ team allowing the boys the ability to debut and not the girls.

There were rumors that she would be debuting in 2018 in a new girl group with Park Seyon and other LOEN trainees. LOEN was updating the prospective girl group’s Instagram and Twitter account at the handle @LOENGIRLS2018. Around August 2017, the group rebranded as “Fave Girls,” as they were confirmed to be under the LOEN subsidiary FAVE Entertainment. Their usernames changed to @FAVEGIRLS2018. Soomin and Soyeon were part of that group until August 2018 when Fave announced they had left the company.

Soomin is now training under MYSTIC Entertainment and is in pre-debut videos under their YouTube account. It is rumored that she will debut in a future group with Takeuchi Miyu, as they are now under the same agency. However, nothing has been confirmed.

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