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Complete Information About Members of VENUS (Profile, Facts, Birthday, Religion, Instagram, and Debut)

VENUS Byeol Korea

As a type of music, it’s not only K-Pop that has become one of the music trends that are loved by people in South Korea. However, a country that has succeeded in bringing the hallyu wave to all parts of the world has also not forgotten to develop music that originates from their country, including Trot. This type of music has been around since time immemorial and is one of the traditional types of music that is still a favorite of many people from South Korea. This type of music is actually quite familiar overseas because many modern singers have also succeeded in bringing Trot’s songs overseas.

Well, are you guys curious about these three girls? Let’s check more complete and detailed information about the trot group, Venus, the profile of its members to their latest news. What are you waiting for? Scroll down to find out more about Venus!

History of VENUS Group Profile

For Season 1 of Miss Trot, they had 101 contestants and had the highest rating during the broadcast of 18,114%. Trot developed during the Japanese occupation of Korea. The lyrics of this music generally contain sadness or suffering resulting from separation or adversity. Among other popular themes are love between men and women, love of family, and landscapes.

TV Chosun’s ‘Miss Trot’ has achieved impressive viewership ratings. ‘Miss Trot’ is a trot audition program to find new stars who are looking for their second golden age. The April 11, 2019 episode of ‘Miss Trot’ achieved viewership ratings of 11.9%, peaking at 12.7%. The show continues to beat personal records every week and takes no. 1 in the time slot between all public broadcasting networks and cable channels. This episode covered the third round of the show, featuring singers performing at military bases.

During their struggle in the survival show, the three members have fought well to get a superior position. However, there is only one person who has become a finalist, Song Gain. Venus was successfully published under MBK Entertainment and PocketDol Studio on August 6, 2019. With 3 female members, Venus has also managed to get positive attention from the public for their debut.

VENUS All Member Profile and Facts

This trot group, which has 3 beautiful female members, also managed to steal people’s attention because their visuals were very similar to idols but dared to present a different type of music, trot. Usually, if someone has good visuals and body shape it will be suggested to debut as a K-Pop idol, but some of these girls who joined the Miss Trot survival show finally debuted as a trio who brought trot.

Let’s find out about their Full Profile and Interesting Facts!

Full Profile of Doori
  • Real Name : Bong Doori (봉두리)
  • Stage Name : Doori (두리)
  • Birth : July 8, 1992
  • Star Sign : Cancer
  • Blood Type : A
  • Height : 168 cm
  • Weight : 48 kg
  • Official Site : Instagram (@dooriful__day)
  • Youtube (두리-DooRi)

Fun Facts About Doori

  1. Doori got the 7th place in the survival show, Miss Trot (2019)
  2. Doori got the 2nd place in the Asian Beauty Awards (2015)
  3. Doori got the position as Main Vocalist of girl group SOL-T (2016)
  4. Doori got the position as Main Vocalist of girl group GBB (2018)
  5. Doori loves Trot music
  6. Doori is currently signed under ProBeat Company
  7. Doori was born in the same day with Block B’s Kyung

Full Profile of Sungyeon

Fun Facts About Sungyeon

  1. Sungyeon got the 12th place in the survival show, Miss Trot (2019)
  2. Sungyeon was appeared in the musical Moon Embracing the Sun (2015)
  3. Sungyeon was a runner up in the Miss Korea China Beauty Pageant (2017)
  4. Sungyeon debuted as a solo artist with the single, Peach (2018)
  5. Sungyeon is currently signed under the Big Game Entertainment

Full Profile of Lee Hyeri

Real Name : Jung Dakyung (정다경)

Stage Name : Lee Hyeri (이혜리)

Birth : September 21, 1993

Star Sign : Virgo

Official Website : Instagram (@hyeri_berry)

Fun Facts About Lee Hyeri

  1. Lee Hyeri got the 4th place in the survival show, Miss Trot (2019)
  2. Lee Hyeri became the trainee of Trot singer with the name as Nam Jin (2016)
  3. Lee Hyeri got the stage name as Soyeon as her Trot singer
  4. Lee Hyeri debuted as a soloist with the single, I’d Love To (2017)
  5. Lee Hyeri released a special single, Love Light, after being a contestant in Miss Trot
  6. Lee Hyeri is currently signed under SSo Factory

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