Full Information About All Members of N.CUS (Profile, Facts, Religion, Interview, and Instagram)


Music Video & Concept of N.CUS

On August 26th, 2019, N.CUS released their debut single titled “Super Luv.” This song has a very thick genre with K-Pop and some additions such as powerful choreography as well. Besides that, the scenes depicted in the music video also show the members’ individual scenes which come out as an introduction of sorts for all the 12 members.

The effects and filters contained in the “Super Luv” music video also have excellent camera techniques providing dramatic effects as well as highlighting their charisma with the very energetic and cool choreography. The lyrics of “Super Luv” are about how strong someone’s love is and want to get to know their partner more deeply. In the song, there are also many fragments of someone’s admiration for their lover.

Stage Performance of N.CUS

One of N.CUS’s debut stages in a music program on television successfully invited a lot of attention from the public. Besides the members’ appearances, their performance also looks energetic without reducing the impression of a rookie boy group. Even though you could say that they just debuted recently, N.CUS made their performance professionally.

N.CUS’ Content On Their YouTube Channel

N.CUS has released one of their busking videos in public by showing their skills to dance in sync. When they did the performance while promoting their debut single, “Super Luv,” it turned out that it attracted quite a lot of attention from people who previously didn’t know that N.CUS is a K-Pop boy group that has already debuted.

Besides that, N.CUS also uploads content quite frequently on its YouTube channel. The members occupying the positions of lead vocal and vocalist are given the opportunity to showcase their singing skills. There is a cover song performed by N.CUS member Hwan who makes a cover of 10CM’s song “Phonecert” with a very melodious voice.

Because N.CUS have a lot of interest and appreciation for BTS as their role models from the Hallyu wave, they try to prove their abilities and hard work by uploading dance cover content on their YouTube channel of BTS’ song “ON.” They all look very energetic in dance and performance.

Games & Interview of N.CUS

Check out N.CUS’ off-stage dance to see how funny they were playing a game together!

In one of the video introductions of N.CUS for fans, the content has a lot of explanation about the boy group concept and also how their debut single was made. “Super Luv” has a dreamlike guitar loop and synthesized sound. The lyrics are about young lovers who believe they can go anywhere and do anything. The members also revealed that they were scared to do the cool, sexy vibes concept, but apparently it was all beyond their expectation. N.CUS also hopes that in the future, they will be able to prepare their mentality and be more confident on stage.

Latest News About Members of N.CUS

On July 13th, 2020, N.CUS’s Hwan and Seokjin attended a VLive to greet fans while sharing stories on the live broadcast they made. Although there is still no schedule to perform on stage, this can be considered as a treat for the longing of N.CUS members to their fans because they can greet each other virtually.

On July 12th, 2020, N.CUS finished a series of concerts from MATCHLESS LOVE – N.CUS Concert in Japan. They all look very happy and excited to have completed the schedule. In the photo that was shared on N.CUS’s official account Instagram, the members can be seen wearing black leather jackets and revealing that they were quite happy after not having seen their fans for a long time.

Well, that was the detailed information about N.CUS and everything related to the full members’ profiles, debut, performances, and many other promotions including their latest news. Therefore, let’s continue to give N.CUS a lot of love and support in each of their activities and promotions so we can see a future comeback from them as soon as possible!