Full Information About All Members of N.CUS (Profile, Facts, Religion, Interview, and Instagram)


Full Profile of Euntaek

  • Real Name: Han Eun-taek (한은택)
  • Stage Name: Eun-taek (은택)
  • Date of Birth: February 23rd, 1999
  • Star Sign: Pisces
  • Height: 173 cm
  • Weight: 51 kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer

Fun Facts of Eun-taek

  1. Eun-taek was born in Seoul.
  2. Eun-taek is described as a diligent hard-working member of N.CUS.
  3. Eun-taek’s specialties are athleticism, dancing, and playing soccer.
  4. Eun-taek is said to be very diligent and has a bright personality.
  5. Eun-taek really likes to listen to Disney’s movies’ soundtracks.
  6. Eun-taek really admires BTS’ Jimin because of his dancing techniques and also bright and diligent personality too.
  7. “We will try our hardest for our supportive fans so keep giving us lots of love and support ♡ Thank you always and I will never stop until I become your favorite idol!!” – N.CUS’ Eun-taek

Full Profile of Soon

  • Real Name: Nam Seung-hyun (남승현)
  • Stage Name: SOON (순)
  • Date of Birth: May 20th, 1999
  • Star Sign: Taurus
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual, Lead Dancer

Fun Facts of SOON

  1. SOON was born in Okcheon-gun.
  2. SOON really admires Park Hyo-shin since his songs have deep lyrics and are diverse.
  3. SOON’s favorite songs are PLT’s songs, BTS’ “Just One Day,” The Ade’s “Dear,” and many more.
  4. SOON’s hobbies are lying down and sitting down.
  5. “I will steal those jewels in your eyes.” – N.CUS’ SOON

Full Profile of IF (Kang Se-chan)

  • Real Name: Kang Se-chan (강세찬)
  • Stage Name: IF (이프)
  • Date of Birth: December 16th, 1999
  • Star Sign: Sagittarius
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Height: 181 cm
  • Blood Type: B
  • Position: Vocalist, Visual, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer

Fun Facts of IF

  1. IF was born in Gyeonggi-do.
  2. IF has a really good body and proportions.
  3. IF describes himself as pretty.
  4. IF has a bright and energizing personality.
  5. IF took care and practiced hard in order to debut as a K-Pop idol.
  6. IF has a dream to make his parents happy seeing him succeed.
  7. IF really admires WINNER’s Seungyoon because of his facial expressions and gestures while performing on stage.
  8. “Give IF and all the members, and N.CUS lots of love and support! I will only show you guys my good, pretty sides! I love you.” – N.CUS’ IF

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