Full Information About Members of JYJ (Profile, Facts, Debut, Scandal, and Latest News)


Scandals of JYJ

Junsu and Hani EXID

Kim Junsu is a former member of one of the most famous K-Pop bands in the history, DBSK. After the scandal with the SM contract, he and two other members started the JYJ group with great success. This 29-year-old idol is one of the hottest presences in the K-Pop industry and of course, many fans gasp when they hear the date of his next appearance. Hani, a 24-year-old singer, member of a new group in the K-Pop industry, EXID, is known for her childish appearance, vampire lips and long, sexy legs. There have been several scandals in the past that involve the group Hani is a member of, namely EXID. Most of them are related to the explicit and sexual content of their music videos.

In South Korea, dating news, are not always considered as something good. Sasaeng fans (those who can go crazy because of their idols) will cast a shadow on their idols, trying to find the meanest comments about their idols’ partners and sometimes even go to extremes by making death threats. Also, the company where the idol has signed might also face a lot of problems. The stock market drops low, so it’s important not to mess around with dating news. K-Pop idols are humans too, so companies can only accept reality and support their idols.

Last year, Junsu invited Hani out and because she admired him for his career, she accepted the invite. Very quickly their mutual admiration turns into a relationship. They spent Christmas Eve together and the sparkle got even bigger.

On September 14th, EXID’s agency stated that it was true “Kim Junsu and Hani broke up.” They added that they could not confirm the reasons for the breakup. It seems that they naturally separated due to their very busy schedules. This is a typical response from the agency after breaking up. Most of the broken pairs are attributed to the busy schedule as a reason. Fans stated that the separation was months ago, but the truth was only known to Junsu and Hani.

JYJ’s Jaejoong criticized for making misogynistic statements

According to a fan who attended the singer’s concert on January 22nd, Jaejoong surprised fans when he said, “All of you who only ridicule may not have a boyfriend, right? At present, birth rates are low in our country. Pregnancy before marriage isn’t even a bad thing when this seems like there are a lot of good male fans here, so get their number and you know? And because this [venue] is close to the university, there are many [people] outside.”

The fan released her anger and disappointment on the Facebook page, ‘Misogyny in Korea’, and explained that she was very unhappy with Jaejoong’s offensive statement, calling her a birth-giving device. The fan also showed that the low birth rate in Korea is not just the women’s fault and that a one-night stand is clearly not the answer to this problem.

Netizens also joined in to criticize, commenting, “He’s crazy … I think I misread it,” “He must be careful with his words,” “Does he want his fans to have sex after concerts or something; if he doesn’t know how to say something he just shouldn’t say it,” “Does he think of it as a joke? He must have thought his fans were stupid.”

What do you think about Jaejoong’s controversial statement?

Yoochun is voicing his thoughts about the controversy

After a long silence, JYJ Yoochun finally opened his voice about the controversy involving him, a year later. Through the Instagram account of his fiance, the actor and singer expressed his feelings regarding the scandal surrounding him.

“I won’t say anything… I feel very guilty towards everyone. I want to apologize directly to everyone… but I can’t do it… I’m too embarrassed by it… I really apologize… I’m really sorry… even if you hurt yourself every day and cry… is this more painful than the wound I gave you?” wrote the former member of TVXQ.

Yoochun admitted that he was very angry with all the news that cornered him at the time. However, at that time he claimed he could do nothing. “I am very angry with all the news in the media. I recently met with the South Korean Church Assembly… I told him honestly, I want to get up again. I really hope that one day I can see you directly and talk about my feelings,” he continued.

In his statement, Yoochun also discussed the news of his marriage which was quite surprising to the public. “Regarding my marriage, I also apologize to everyone that I couldn’t say it directly. Even if I don’t apologize… it’s very difficult to tell everyone,” he explained. Yoochun asks everyone to respect this decision. In addition, he also asked everyone to always support him and his fiance, Hwang Ha-na.

“Every day I try my best… everyone also has to do more than that… I’m sorry and thank you. I really hope to meet you one day… Please always support me and Ha-na. Again, thank you,” he said.

Meanwhile, a year ago Yoochun was accused of sexually harassing several women in a nightclub. However, after several checks, Yoochun was found not guilty. Yoochun, who recently finished serving in the military service, had scheduled his wedding ceremony in August 2017.

Latest News About JYJ

JYJ’s official Youtube channel is now open

C-JeS Entertainment announced on its official Instagram that they have made an official YouTube channel for each JYJ member: Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, and Park Yoochun. At present, the Kim Junsu channel is the only one with content, with two videos so far. The first video was Kim Junsu when he had just been released from compulsory service as military conscription. He showed the transformation from a uniformed officer back to being a singer and celebrity and talked about how even though he knew he had finished with compulsory service, it didn’t feel real, and that he thought it would only hit him when he was at his house signing for the fans.

In the next video, which was filmed on November 28th, Kim Junsu talked about his plans for the next few days, now his “2018 Way Back XIA” comeback concert will be coming soon, which will be held from November 30th to December 2nd. What content do you hope JYJ members will post in the future?

Yoochun is back to the entertainment world after military service

Micky Yoochun slowly returned to the entertainment world after completing military service a while ago. Although not promoted on the screen, Yoochun can still greet his fans through fan meetings and solo concerts. Recently, Yoochun held a solo concert in Japan and talked with his fans. It’s been crowded on social media, fans who watched the concert mentioned that Yoochun had mentioned TVXQ’s group reunion.

Yoochun turned out to have the desire for a TVXQ reunion, a complete one with a five-member formation. “One day, one day, when we are 50 or 60 with 5 people. I will work hard. I know that too, but I try my best,” Yoochun said. Yoochun is nostalgic about the times TVXQ shared promotions on television shows ranging from appearing on music shows to live variety shows and radio broadcasts. Even Yoochun remembered when U-Know Yunho made a narration for one of the Japanese songs titled “Kiss Shita Mama, Sayonara.”

Yoochun’s desire for a reunion turned out to receive slanted comments from many netizens. Not a few are upset and think Yoochun is looking for attention because he always talks about TVXQ. “Fans only asked about three people (JYJ), but why did he suddenly mention a reunion of five? After years he left Yunho and Max Changmin and now he uses their names to attract attention? I’m sick of him,” a netter said. “He and their trio and fans really want to return to their golden age because lately, their careers have not gone well,” another netter continued.

But there are also fans who want to see this reunion happen. “Wow, Yoochun wants a reunion of the five members!” said a netter. “I was very surprised because Yoochun mentioned Xiah Junsu’s name on another day and now calls JYJ and TVXQ at his concert. I don’t know how to react,” another one continued. What do you think about Yoochun’s desire for a reunion of TVXQ?

Jaejoong will be performing in Japan

Kim Jaejoong will be performing at Japan’s ‘Tokyo Girls Music Festival’, which will take place on March 31st, at the Yokohama arena. The main title, Jaejoong started full-scale activities in Japan: he will release his first Japanese solo album Flawless Love on April 10th and also hold an arena tour.

Jaejoong said, “I will be performing at the ‘Tokyo Girls Music Festival 2019’. I am very happy and looking forward to seeing my fans before I start my tour! I am doing my best to present a good stage as a headliner and I will do the best I can to fill everyone with joy!”

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