All About Members of D1VERSE (Profile, Facts, Birthday, Instagram, and Debut)

Have you ever thought about a number of South Korean groups that debuted but had members were auditioned from outside the country? At present many groups have made their debut and are part of the hallyu wave and have a career in South Korea, one of which is D1VERSE, a boy group that has 4 members who are members from Vietnam.

Nevertheless, D1VERSE can be a boy group that invites people’s attention and starts their career as a K-Pop idol and shows their talents really accessible to those who want to enjoy their music. D1VERSE is also proof that the original idol from South Korea can also take part in a career there.

Well, if you were not familiar with D1VERSE before, in this article we will discuss more with 4-members under RBW Entertainment until their latest news as well. Let’s check more detailed and complete information in the article below!

Complete Information About D1VERSE Group Profile

The popularity of K-Pop is now widespread and not only in its home country. The influence of Korean music has even developed in several other countries. RBW Entertainment which houses Mamamoo and Naver broadens their reach to the Vietnam market. On 30 July 2019, it was announced that RBW and Naver had collaborated to enter the Vietnam market through the debut of a new Vietnamese boy group called D1VERSE. They plan to work together to smooth the group’s debut, a variety of content, and secure the intellectual property rights of the artist.

Naver Vietnam, a subsidiary of Vietnam Naver V CIC, is investing in Vietnam’s RBW shares. In addition to capital, plans will also be extended to support from the Naver V Live direct community platform, related to RBW Vietnam,” the RBW announcement said. Over the past few years it has been known that RBW and Naver have maintained partnerships through V Live in Vietnam. Through this collaboration, RBW Vietnam has produced popular variation content through V Live.

A successful entrance to the global market has been achieved based on the experience of RBW for several years in developing idols abroad. Because of our knowledge of content creation and our interest in creating a variety of content and securing future IP artists where Vietnam is suitable, we have finally invested at RBW,” said Head of Naver V CIC, Park Sun-Young. This Vietnamese idol group is called D1VERSE and has lived in Seoul or rather the RBW dormitory since late 2018. They will receive training and it is planned that they will make their official debut within 2019.

D1VERSE initially showed their appearance on the V Live broadcast and had a survival show titled ‘We Will Debut’. From the information obtained, they will debut with a total of 7 members under RBW Entertainment. As an agency that houses Mamamoo and ONEUS, surely D1VERSE’s debut will be highly anticipated by their new fans who can’t wait to see their performance as an idol group.

On December 15, 2019, D1VERSE finally debuted with 4 members, such as Hong Phu, Quang Huy, Duc Ung, and Minh Hoang. The boy group debuted with one of their singles titled Bring it Low or Chỉ Có Anh Bên Em in Vietnamese. Of course, after promoting during the debut by appearing on ‘We Will Debut’ on V-Live, then of course they already have some fans who can’t wait to look forward to their debut.

Beside that, D1VERSE has several social media accounts to be able to greet their fans through every latest update of their activities and promotions. Don’t forget to follow their moments in social media below!

Full Profile of D1VERSE’s Hong Phu
  • Real Name : Hong Phu
  • Stage Name : Hong Phu
  • Birth : March 1, 1996
  • Star Sign : Pisces
  • Position : Main Vocalist, Main Dancer

Fun Facts About Hong Phu

  1. Hong Phu’s hometown is at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  2. Hong Phu has an older sister
  3. Hong Phu gets the 3rd rank as the final line-up
  4. Hong Phu has white skin and single eyelid
  5. Hong Phu’s best features based on himself are his monolid eyes and tall height
  6. Hong Phu’s favorite K-Pop idols are EXO’s D.O and Kang Daniel
  7. Hong Phu gets a lot of attention because his visual is really resembles as K-Pop idol
  8. Hong Phu really close with a Vietnamese pop singer, Suni Ha Linh
  9. Hong Phu loves all kind of Vietnamese foods, such as Spicy Fried Chicken Bun Rieu and Banh Bot Loc
  10. Hong Phu is really best at English and worst at Biology
  11. Hong Phu has a memory back when he was a trainee was eating an ice cream in -15 Degree Celcius in the park with other members in South Korea
  12. “You Only Live Once.” is Hong Phu’s favorite quote.

Full Profile of D1VERSE’s Quang Huy
  • Real Name : An Quang Huy
  • Stage Name : Quang Huy
  • Birth : November 30, 1997
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius
  • Position : Lead Vocalist

Fun Facts About Quang Huy

  1. Quang Huy’s hometown is in Hanoi, Vietnam
  2. Quang Huy gets the 5th rank as the final line-up
  3. Quang Huy ranks last as the debut line
  4. Quang Huy thinks that his best feature is the best feature from himself
  5. Quang Huy’s appearance got commented as a guy with standard Korean oppa
  6. Quang Huy joined a lot of amateur music program before becoming a trainee of RBW Entertainment
  7. Quang Huy really fascinated with Origami and space exploration
  8. Quang Huy loves any kind of food with small bones that he can chew
  9. Quang Huy’s really loves David bowie, Lady Gaga, Troye Sivan, Lorde and SHINee’s Key as his favorite idols
  10. Quang Huy’s favorite song is Space Oddity by David Bowie
  11. Quang Huy’s words subject is Math
  12. “Success is not the goal, it is the process.” is Quang Huy’s favorite quote.

Full Profile of D1VERSE’s Duc Ung
  • Real Name : Ứng Văn Đức
  • Stage Name : Duc Ung
  • Birth : August 30, 1998
  • Height : 170 cm (5’7″)
  • Star Sign : Virgo
  • Position : Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper

Fun Facts About Duc Ung

  1. Duc Ung’s hometown is in Vinh, Nghe An, Vietnam
  2. Duc Ung has an older brother
  3. Duc Ung gets the 2nd rank as the final line-up
  4. Duc Ung is close to a former trainee named Tu
  5. Duc Ung thinks that his hair is the best feature according to himself
  6. Duc Ung considered that he is the member who received a lot of attention among the other 7 members
  7. Duc Ung was quite famous in social media before decided to go to South Korea as a trainee
  8. Duc Ung was describe as lazy, forgetful and crazy member
  9. Duc Ung was a member of K-Pop cover dance group named B-Wild
  10. Duc Ung loves lo eat ice cream, coffee, yoghurt, wonton noodles, and snails (Vietnamese food)
  11. Duc Ung choose BTS’ Jungkook as his favorite idol
  12. Duc Ung’s favorite song is Paper Hearts by Tori Kelly
  13. “If you want to sit in the place not anyone can sit, undergo feelings not anyone can endure.” is Duc Ung’s favorite quote.

Full Profile of D1VERSE’s Minh Hoang
  • Real Name : Nguyễn Minh Hoàng
  • Stage Name : Minh Hoang
  • Birth : August 17, 2000
  • Star Sign : Leo
  • Position : Lead Vocalist, Maknae

Fun Facts About Minh Hoang

  1. Minh Hoang’s hometown is in Tuyen Quang, Vietnam
  2. Minh Hoang has a little brother
  3. Minh Hoang gets the 1st rank as the final line-up
  4. Minh Hoang attended Vietnam Dance College before decided to go to South Korea and become a trainee
  5. Minh Hoang was trained in Vietnamese contemporary dance
  6. Minh Hoang loves to drink bubble tea
  7. Minh Hoang describe as a member who honest, calm and perfectionist
  8. Minh Hoang owns an impression fashion style
  9. Minh Hoang choose Mamamoo’s Hwasa as his favorite idol
  10. Minh Hoang thinks that he should gain some weight
  11. Minh Hoang thinks that his eyes is the best feature according to himself
  12. Minh Hoang is close to Huy because he always buy chips for him
  13. Minh Hoang’s favorite song is Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur
  14. Minh Hoang’s worst subject is Math
  15. Minh Hoang’s favorite memory is when his birthday party and everyone danced together in the dorm
  16. “I can’t change the direction off the wind, but I can change my path.” is Minh Hoang’s favorite quote.

Former Members D1VERSE, Full Profile of Tran Binh
  • Real Name : Trần Bình
  • Stage Name : Tran Binh
  • Birth : June 11, 1998
  • Star Sign : Gemini
  • Position : Main Rapper, Lead Dancer
  • Instagram : @___the.e11even

Fun Facts About Tran Binh

  1. Tran Binh’s hometown is in  Bao Loc, Lam Dong, Vietnam
  2. Tran Binh has a little brother
  3. Tran Binh gets the 4thrank as the final line-up
  4. Tran Binh used to study at Vietnam Aviation Academy
  5. Tran Binh used to be a member of MIE dance group who is quite famous in Vietnam
  6. Tran Binh loves playing soccer and he is a fan of Manchester United
  7. Tran Binh was describe as a badass, cute and charismatic person
  8. Tran Binh loves to eat Burger and Chicken Parmesan
  9. Tran Binh’s best feature according to himself is height, long legs and big eyes
  10. Tran Binh is a fan of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and his favorite song is Crooked
  11. Tran Binh is best at Math and Physics while worst at Chemistry
  12. Tran Binh said that he was close with all members since he is also a friendly person as well
  13. “Never look for fame and money in success. Look for talent and passion.” is Tran Binh’s favorite quote
  14. Tran Binh was caught in a scandal when he is badmouthing his labelmate senior, ONEUS and Mamamoo
  15. Tran Binh has officially terminated his exclusive contract as an idol under RBW Vietnam on April 7, 2020 and announced that he will be no longer a member of D1VERSE after that.

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