Get Closer With All Members of D.COY (Profile, Facts, Birthday, Religion, Music Videos, and Instagram)


Full Profile of Wonshin
  • Stage name: Wonshin
  • Date of Birth: May 6th, 1996
  • Position: Vocalist, visual, bassist
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Representative gemstone: Sapphire

Interesting Facts of Wonshin

  • Wonshin loves black
  • He prefers black because it is a basic color that fits with any color
  • Wonshin recommended “2002” by Anne Marie to his fans. He said that the song was bright and enlightens people
  • Wonshin was moved when seeing the clip of people singing along to Coldplay’s “Fix You”

Full Profile of Dosun
  • Stage name: Dosun
  • Date of Birth: January 29th, 1999
  • Position: Drummer, maknae
  • Zodiac: Aquarius
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Representative gemstone: Moonstone

Interesting Facts of Dosun

  • Dosun represents white and he loves white
  • Dosun said that white represents his personality
  • Dosun loves being the center of attention
  • Dosun used to play guitar but started learning drums when his friend also played the guitar

All About Jaehoon

Jaehoon was a former member of D.COY. He left D.COY before the release of D.COY’s debut album Color Magic.

Music Video & Concept D.COY

D.COY poured their talent into the music video of their debut song “Color Magic.” Each of the members represents a precious gemstone and represents a color. Ruby or red is represented by leader and keyboardist Jungmin, onyx or black is represented by main vocalist Sungwoo, amethyst or purple is represented by main guitarist Hyukjin, sapphire or blue is represented by bassist Wonshin, while moonstone or white is represented by drummer and maknae Dosun.

Stage Performance of D.COY

During one of their stage performances, D.COY performed “Robbers.” D.COY has a lot of influence from British rock bands like Oasis, Radiohead, and U2. “Robbers” pretty much resembles the famous song by U2 “With Or Without You.”

D.COY’s Content On Their YouTube Channel

D.COY went to Kangchun and enjoyed the music festival. At the music festival, they enjoyed watching music performances, making content for their YouTube channel, eating barbeque, and enjoying outdoor camping. They also enjoyed playing truth or dare using the truth machine. It was a memorable night when each member spoke truthfully about the other members. Let’s hope that through this MT night, each member learned the personalities of the other members better.

All members enjoyed a night out by competing in a bowling venue. The member who got the lowest score received several penalties: broadcasting a Vlive alone in Hongdae street, playing around and singing songs in a coin karaoke room alone, and taking four outrageous selfies. After bowling, all the members went to a Korean restaurant and enjoyed a traditional Korean meal.

All D.COY members enjoyed their fun night out playing VR games in a VR café. VR cafés are a new trend in Korea. Lots of Korean young people enjoy playing VR games while VR cafés relish the recent surge of popularity. They should try playing VR games as a team rather than playing an individual game.

D.COY’s leader Jungmin and lead vocalist Sungwoo posted a cover of the famous song “Girl” by legendary Korean singer Lee Mun-sae. Jungmin accompanied Sungwoo with his simple keyboard play. Sungwoo captivated fans with his deep and emotional voice. Their cover performance proves that D.COY can also perform in ballad and pop genre.

Latest News About D.COY

D.COY announced their plan to release their latest single “Go Away” on July 8th, 2020. The release of their second single on July 21st, 2020, means that their comeback activity is coming. Previously, with Color Magic, the members unveiled the story of each other’s longing for the color of gemstones. In “Go Away,” they reveal the plan to go on a journey looking for each D.COY member.

The concept photos of the latest single were unveiled on their official Instagram account.

That was all the information about D.COY. They are the new generation of Korean Wave that spread the Korean slow rock music genre with their talent. It will take a strong presence and continuous releases of popular rock music singles to make K-Pop fans turn their heads to rock bands. D.COY want K-Pop fans to know that other than idol groups, rock bands can also produce good music. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts and opinions about D.COY and their music in the comment section below.