Complete Information About All Members of A-Jax (Profile, Facts, Debut, Discography, and Disbandment)

A-Jax Byeol Korea

Get to Know More About DSP Media’s Talented Boy Group, A-Jax!

Become a member of an idol group are one of a huge dream for Korean teenagers, many of them has try several auditions in various company. Starting from the ‘Big 3’ to other smaller agency, for example like DSP Media. They already had some famous and talented artist like SS051, Kara, April and KARD who are the first co-ed group that surviving at the K-Pop industry now.

They also had a 2nd generation boy group named A-Jax, these 8 talented members shines a lot especially during their active days as an idol group. But sadly, DSP Media has disbanded them. But don’t worry! Because today our topic are going to be about them.

So are you ready to get into A-Jax, well then without any further do let’s get into our topic for today!

A-Jax Member Profile and Fun Facts

First of all let us give you more detail information of each A-Jax member!

Hyeongkon’s Profile


Birth Name: Kim Hyeongkon (김형곤)) / now: Kim Dowoo (김도우)
Stage Name: Hyeongkon (형곤) / now: Dowoo (도우)
Birthday: December 3rd, 1988
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: B
Position: Leader and Main Rapper
Nationality: Korean
Zodiac Sign: Sagitarius
Instagram: ddow88
Twitter: Ajax_88

Hyeongkon Fun Facts

  • His birthplace was in Bucheon, Gyeonggi province, South Korea.
  • Past Education: Hanyang University.
  • Hyeongkon has an older sister.
  • His hobby are writting a song.
  • He already joined the military service.
  • Appearing on Rainbow’s ‘To Me’ music video.
  • Hyeongkon is already married.
  • He has a daughter.
  • Reportedly already left DSP Media, but this rumor hasn’t been addressed yet.

Yunyoung’s Profile

Birth Name: Maeng Yunyoung (맹윤영)
Stage Name: Yunyeong (윤영)
Birthday: February 15th, 1993
Height: 182 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Position: Vocalist
Nationality: Korean
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Instagram: 2yoooung
Twitter: Ajax_YY93

Yunyoung Fun Facts

  • His birthplace was in Seoul, South Korea.
  • His hobbies were drawing.
  • Yunyoung can play a guitar.
  • He’s a close friend with KARD’s BM.
  • After the group disbandment, a rumor about Yunyoung having a girlfriend have raised.

Seungjin’s Profile


Birth Name: Ham Seungjin (함승진)
Stage Name: Seungjin (승진)
Birthday: October 15th, 1994
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Position: Main Dancer and Lead Rapper
Nationality: Korean
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Instagram: hsj_9494
Twitter: ajax_sj94
YouTube: 함찡의숨소리

Seungjin Fun Facts

  • His birthplace was in Busan, South Korea.
  • Last education: Seoul of Performing Art School (SOPA)
  • A close friend KARD’s member, especially BM.
  • Seungjin participated on a survival show called ‘The Unit’.
  • He already has a YouTube account now, the link are on his official Instagram.

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