Complete Information About Youngest Chinese Group ‘Boy Story’ (Profile, Facts, Debut, and Instagram)


Boy Story Official Debut

Boy Story’s pre-debut singles become topped chart in QQ Music, the biggest music site in China. Their music video accumulation also exceeded 20 million views on video streaming website, Miaopai. Following their success, On September, 2017, Boy Story officially held their debut stage at four locations in China: Guangzhou, Taipei, Shanghai, and Beijing. Their debut song titled Enough which also produced by Park Jin-young.

Because of their pre-debut project, Boy Story able to garner much attention from netizen because of their famous powerful performance and addictive hip-hop songs. Here’s some photos from their debut stage.

JYP China representative also hopes that Boy Story able to showcase many good performances in the future and receive much love from BOSS, Boy Story’s fandom name. Here’s music video from their debut single, Enough.


Boy Story’s Discography

Mini Album

Title: Enough 

Released Date: September 21 2018

Track List:

  1. How Old R U?
  2. Can’t Stop
  3. JUMP UP
  4. Handz Up
  5. Enough



  1. How Old R U?
  2. Can’t Stop
  3. JUMP UP
  4. Handz Up
  5. Enough
  6. For U
  7. Stay Magical


Boy Story Instagram Members Account

Boy Story’s Instagram account is under the name @official_boystory. The members often post their activities and communicate with their fans using the account. Not only posting about their comeback, Boy Story also post from their daily life. One of the member, Zihao, who likes to dancing TWICE’s songs, post her dancing with the song What is Love in one post.

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What is love? ❤️ #BOYSTORY #ZIHAO #梓豪 #Twice #whatislove

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As the rappers of the group, Hanyu, Xinlong, and Mingrui, shares a clip from their rap practice. Wow, they are so talented!

After successfully held debut showcase in Guangzhou, the members post a picture from their backstage to thank their fans who come to watch their performance.

They also post their backstage photo from Beijing debut showcase.

On November last year, Boy Story went to Singapore for performing at Korea Brand Expo and Exhibition (KBEE) 2018. Shuyang, the youngest, post the members’s pictures in front of Merlion Statue.

Recently, Boy Story celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year together with fans by posting their greetings on their page.

Latest News of Boy Story

At the early 2019, Boy Story win an award as the most anticipated group award at the FEIA (Fashion and Entertainment Influence Awards) 2019 that held in Beijing, China. The award ceremony is  hosted by a major magazine in China. Other JYP artists also attending the event. In China, Boy Stroy receives much love and become the most anticipated group. Their popularity also followed by become some brands model for advertisement. Congratulation, Boy Story!

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