Get Closer With Member of ARGON, Yeoun (Profile, Facts, Birthday, Religion, Personality, and Instagram)

argon's yeoun

Are you one of ARGON’s fan? This article must be right for you! For brief information, ARGON was one of the South Korean boy group which formed under MHS Entertainment on March 2019. But we’re not talking about the whole group except one of the member from ARGON, Yeoun! Then Byeol Korea will give you details information and all-related stuffs with ARGON’s Yeoun, so stay tuned!

Full Profile of Yeoun

ARGON's Yeoun
  • Birth Name: Lee Kyeong-bin (이경빈)
  • Stage Name: Yeoun (여운)
  • Date of Birth: September 3, 1997
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Age: 22 years old (International age) / 23 years old (Korean age)
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Position: Sub Vocalist
  • Associated With: ARGON
  • Label: MSH Entertainment
  • Years Active: 2018 – present

Fun Fact of Yeoun

  • Yeoun was announced as the fourth member of ARGON On November 22,  2018
  • The stage name ‘Yeoun’ was found by him while he heard the name on YouTube
  • Before his debut, Yeoun used to communicated with fans through his individual Instagram account
  • Yeoun was dreamt of being a singer after listening to Rain’s song which titled Rainism
  • In the middle school, Yeoun was known as the ‘Tennis King’ since he was joined a table tennis club at that time
  • Yeoun would like to try using a fresh and summer vibes concept, as well as try to coloring his hair with bright colour
  • Yeoun was relived his stress by eating, but he doesn’t like mint chocolate ice cream
  • He was oftenly using ‘hearts’ emoticon
  • He could imitate the sound of ASMR moekbang (eating broadcast), and revealed that it was his special talent
  • Yeoun loves to play the game Animal Crossing
  • He can plays guitar
  • In Pops in Seoul ARGON’s episodes, Yeoun also did a short songs cover of If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys

Learn More About ARGON’s Yeoun Personality

ARGON's Yeoun

Let’s get to know more about Yeoun through his personality! Basically, Yeoun was kind of friendly person. In ARGON, he was known as the most cheerful member since he also oftenly seen with his energetic vibes.

While he was talking or involved into conversations, Yeoun also looked enthusiast as well as spread a bunch of positivity around him. Aside of that, Yeoun also shared his warmth smile a lot. It also made the fans were crazy over him, and increasing his friendly appearance even more!

ARGON’s Yeoun Focus Fancam

ARGON has been appeared in several music show, and one of them was performing their debut single Master Key through Simply K-Pop music show! The fans also recording the performance, and made a focus fancam of Yeoun’s performance. Through the show, Yeoun was dressed-up in white outfits such as white pants, white shoes, and also stripped shirt which made his style was looked even more classier!

His performance was looking powerful and charismatic at the same time! The way Yeoun dance, the way Yeoun sing, and his expression during performance was the best combination ever to made people couldn’t take their eyes off from Yeoun! Since he was one of the vocalist line in ARGON, his voice during live performance also has no flaws!

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