All About Mnet’s Produce X 101 Contestant Lee Woo-jin (Profile and Facts)

Latest News About Lee Woo-jin

Lee Woo-jin and all his members in TEEN TEEN group were already registered in Maroo Entertainment and announced to join Produce X 101. When they were asked about their overall thoughts on Produce X 101, they felt disappointed to not go on to the next stage of the program. Lee Jin-woo said, “When I first entered the ‘Produce X 101’ dorms, I was around 171 centimeters tall, but now I think I’m around 176 centimeters.

This survival program became his motivation to grow better in the future. Talking about food when being trainees on Produce X 101, Lee Woo Jin commented, “The bread they gave us when we were in the X class was so good that the trainees took a lot home with them.”  Lee Woo Jin also said he was grateful to  Lee Dong Wook, as the national producer representative (MC), stating, “He treated us well both on and off camera. I thought he was amazing. I was really thankful when he helped me come to my senses after I made a mistake during my ‘Barcode‘ performance and was too dazed to speak during our closing comments.

TEEN TEEN said that they will work harder and become the better version of the group. Lee Tae Seung commented, “Since I don’t think I was able to fully showcase my abilities on ‘Produce X 101,’ in the future, I want to show a side of myself that is vastly upgraded from when I was on the program.” Others also commented that one of the members wants to try being in a sexy vibe mode in music in the future when they are adults.

TEEN TEEN debuted on September 18th with their mini-album ‘VERY, ON TOP’. Check out the logo and debut scheduler below.

That’s all about Lee Woo-jin, the contestant of Produce X 101 from Mnet. Cheering for his next journey in his entertainment career, and that he’ll always work hard and play harder because everything must be equal. Don’t forget to give your comments and share your thoughts below!