All About Comedian Lee Soo-geun (Profile, Facts, Family, Controversy, and Marriage)


Lee Soo-geun’s Discography

Music Videos




2006 High Pitch Impossible Trio: Lee Soo-geun, Byeon Ki-soo, Ryu Dam
2009 Let’s Keep Going Until the End Eun Ji-won
Happy Song
160 featured in Eun Ji-won’s fifth album, Platonic
Soulmates featured in Brand New Day song
2010 HUK Eun Ji-won
The Journey of a National Tour featured in Lee Jang-geun’s song
2019 STATION X 4 LOVEs for winter Part 3

“White Winter”

Duet with Kim Hee-chul


Awards Achievements


Award Show


2006 KBS Entertainment Awards Excellent Corner Award for Comedy Division
2007 KBS Entertainment Awards Best Entertainer’s Award (Men Division)
2008 KBS Entertainment Awards New Male MC Award (Variety Show Division)
South Korea Entertainment Awards Comedian Award
2009 KBS Entertainment Awards Male MC Award (Variety Show Division)
2010 Mnet Mnet 20’s Choice 20th Most influential star
The 11th Korea Visual Arts Competition Portfolio Award
KBS Entertainment Awards Excellence Award (Variety Show Division)
2011 Baeksang Arts Awards Best Male Variety Performer
23rd Korea PD Awards Comedian Award
The 38th Korea Broadcasting Awards Personal Comedy Division
KBS Entertainment Awards Top Excellence Award
KBS Entertainment Awards Entertainment Daesang – 1N2D team members
2016 The 10th Cable TV Broadcasting Popular Star – as MC of Juk-bang Legend
2019 Brand Of The Year Awards Male Variety Star


Lee Soo-geun Becoming a YouTuber on Lee So-geun’s Channel

Lee Soo-geun opened his official YouTube channel, Sugeun Lee’s Channel on December 28th, 2016. By the end of 2019, his channel collected almost 39 million views. In his channel, Lee Soo-geun, as a self-proclaimed multi-talented sportsman, challenges any person to compete with him in a billiard showdown. He and the challenger compete in the self-made billiard league to decide the winner. Most of his videos are about billiard competitions between him and other celebrities or his close friends. Even his management company, SM C&C supported and advertised his YouTube channel on its official websites.

His videos are live-broadcast every Wednesday and viewers can watch the clips on the next day. Viewers tune in to his channel to watch his billiard skills to be entertained by his funny jokes and comments. Viewers can also comment and communicate in real time with the funny man and his celebrity guests.

Comedian Kang Ho-dong appeared on Lee Soo-geun’s YouTube channel to celebrate achieving 100.000 subscribers. Since both of them are comedians and entertainers, watching the video was like watching a TV variety show.

In December 2018, EXO’s Baekhyun, Kai and Sehun were invited to show their billiard skills. In January 2019, other EXO members, Xiumin and Suho, appeared on his channel and competed in a futsal game

Latest News About Lee Soo-geun

Lee Soo-geun is a popular figure in Korean variety shows. Recently, Lee Soo-geun formed a duet with Super Junior’s member Kim Hee-chul and released a single album titled Station X 4 Love’s for Winter Part 3. The single track for the album is “White Winter.” The album was released on December 15th, 2019. Next year, he has two variety show programs due to be released in January 2020. They are tvN’s My First Social Life that shows little kids’ daily life and interaction with other kids and tvN’s Music Conference (Good Festival) that shows good friends spending time talking about music and making music.

Let’s wish more jokes and funny comments from comedian Lee Soo-geun in 2020! That was all the information about comedian Lee Soo-geun. Don’t forget to kindly share your opinion and thoughts in the comment section below!