All About Comedian Lee Soo-geun (Profile, Facts, Family, Controversy, and Marriage)


Lee Soo-geun Story of His Marriage with Park Ji-yeon

Lee Soo got married to his wife, Park Ji-yeon in 2008. At the time, he was 34 while his wife was 23 years old. They have 12 years of an age difference. The wedding ceremony was recorded and broadcast on KBS2’s 1 Night 2 Days. All members of 1 Nigh 2 Days attended the wedding ceremony; MC Mong acted as an MC, Kim C performed as the first congratulatory singer, Eun Ji-won and other Sechskies members as second singers and Lee Soo-geun himself as the third singer. Lee Soo-geun couldn’t hide his wide smile as the attendees praised his beautiful wife.

Lee Soo-geun and his wife have two sons from their marriage, the older Lee Tae-joon, and the younger Lee Tae-seo. Both of them appeared on one of his variety shows.

In one of his TV programs, he revealed how he met his wife. His wife used to own an internet shopping mall but she changed her occupation into a model. During one of the episodes of Gag Concert, Lee Soo-geun saw his future wife working as comedian Park Jun-hyung’s fashion coordinator. He fell in love at first sight.

When he appeared as a guest on jTBC’s Give Me a Meal, he teamed up with senior comedian Lee Kyung-kyu. They found a host, a single man that welcomed them to eat together. He gave a piece of honest advice to the young man about finding a life partner. He said that confidence is the most important thing. He said, “I approached my wife for 6 months. My wife called me uncle because we have 12 years of an age difference.” After seeing how sincere he was for 6 months, she agreed to be his lover.

In December 2011, Lee Soo-geun revealed the news of his ailing wife. She suffered toxaemia during the second child pregnancy. The disease caused her kidney to deteriorate and was forced to undergo a kidney transplant. As a result of her condition, their second child was born at just 34 weeks. He nursed his wife in the hospital and left only for work. He sacrificed his role in the variety show to take care of his wife. Fortunately, her health condition improved after treatment.

Lee Soo-geun’s Filmography

Television Shows

Year Network Title
2015 Present JTBC Knowing Bros (아는 형님)
2018 DIA TV 이수근채널 (Lee Soo Geun’s Channel)
2019 KBS Joy Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller
MBN Modern Family
JTBC Perfect Combi
tvN, XtvN Player 7
Sky Drama We Play
tvN New Journey to the West 7 (신서유기 7)
2020 tvN Friend’s Song


Year Network Title Remarks
2000 2013 KBS2 Gag Concert (개그콘서트)
2006 2007 Happy Together
2007 Are You Ready (준비됐어요)
2007 2013 Happy Sunday’s 1 Night 2 Days (1박 2일)
2008 2009 Shin Dong-yup and Shin Bong-sun’s Champagne (신동엽 신봉선의 샴페인)
2008 2010 Sang Sang Plus Season 2
2008 2009 No. 1 (위기탈출 넘버원)
MBC Every 1 God of Cookery Expedition (식신원정대)
2009 KBS2 Welcome (코미디쇼 희희낙락)
MBC Every 1 Monarch of the Rings (반지의 제왕)
2010 2010 Hakuna matata
EBS Avatar
KBS N Sports Par★Star (Par★스타)
KBS2 Happy Birthday (해피버스데이)
SBS Delicious (맛있는 초대)
Sweet Potato (고구마)
2011 KBS2 On Your Command Sir!
2013 TrendE Lee Seung-yeon & Lee Su-geun’s Kitchen Road (이승연, 이수근의 키친로드)
2011 2012 KBS2 Invincible Youth 2 (청춘불패 2)
2013 Win Win (승승장구)
JTBC Lee Soo Geun and Kim Byung Man’s High Society (이수근 김병만의 상류사회)
2012 2012 tvN go 3 Idiots (세얼간이)
2013 2016 KBS2 Cool Kiz on the Block (우리동네 예능과 체육의 능력자) Ep. 1–32, 164–174
2015 2015 KBS N Sport Juk-bang Legend (죽방전설)
tvN go New Journey to the West (신서유기)
XTM Chicken Surfing (닭치고 서핑)
2016 Time Out (타임아웃)
2016 tvN New Journey to the West 2 (신서유기 2)
Mnet Hit The Stage (힛 더 스테이지)
tvN Variety Show Employment Agency
KBS2 Neighborhood Superstar (동네스타)
AKATV King of the Month (이달의 행사왕)
2017 Channel A Singderella
MBC Secretly Greatly
2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships
tvN New Journey to the West 3 (신서유기 3)
Empty the Convenience Store
KBS2 Guesthouse Daughters
tvN New Journey to the West 4 (신서유기 4)
XTM The Bunker 8 (더 벙커 시즌8)
E Channel My Daughter’s Men (내 딸의 남자들)
SM Abatak Travel (아바탁 여행)
MBN It’s Delicious (이맛이야)
Channel A We Are Also National Athletes (우리도 국가대표다)
JTBC My Foreigner Friend (나의 외사친) Ep: 1 to 6 & 11
tvN Shadow Singer (수상한 가수)
2018 Kang’s Kitchen (강식당)
SBS Master Key (마스터키)
E Channel My Daughter’s Men 2 (내 딸의 남자들 2)
JTBC Night Goblin (밤도깨비)
MBN Cart Show (카트쇼)
2018 tvN Talkmon (토크몬)
Friendly Driver (친절한 기사단)
MBN Do you want to rest today? (오늘 쉴래요?)
E Channel For the first time since I was born (태어나서 처음으로)
My Daughter’s Men 3 (내 딸의 남자들 3)
tvN Food Diary (식량일기)
Olive TV Island Trio 2 (섬총사 2)’
MBC Unexpected Q (뜻밖의 Q)
tvN New Journey to the West 5 (신서유기 5)
MBN Cart Show 2 (카트쇼 2)
tvN New Journey to the West 6 (신서유기 6)
E-Channel Star Outing: Nolvengers (스타 아유회 놀벤져스)
2019 My Daughter’s Men 4 (내 딸의 남자들 4)
SBS Plus Two Feet Life (두발 라이프)
Mnet Not the Same Person You Used to Know (니가 알던 내가 아냐)
2019 Channel A Good People
tvN Kang’s Kitchen 2-3
E Channel My Siblings’ Lovers
tvN Prison Life of Fools
KBS2 Some-vival 1+1


Dramas and Movies




2001 Last Present
2004 Magical Police and Precious Son
2005 Bari Bari Excellent
2011 One Life Narrator
2010 Shrek Forever After Dubbed Rumpelstiltskin
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Police Officer, ep.4
2012 My Husband’s Got a Family Yoon Bin’s former manager, ep.21
Reply 1997 Voice of substitute Bus Driver
2013 Snow Queen As Seong Woo
2018 Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead Comical dance choreographer


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