Complete Information About fromis_9’s Lee Seo-yeon (Profile, Facts, Debut, and Fashion Style)


Seoyeon’s Debut with fromis_9

Lee Seo-yeon

On January 8th, 2018, it was announced that fromis_9 would officially have their debut with their first extended play titled To. Heart. The extended play was released on January 24th, together with its lead single titled “To Heart.” The extended play ranked 4th on the Gaon Album Chart issued on January 27th, 2018.

While Jang Gyu-ri entered Produce 48 as a contestant, the group remained as an eight-member group and released their second extended play titled To. Day, on June 5th, 2018. The group went back as a nine-member group after Jang Gyu-ri was eliminated in the 3rd round of eliminations.

Starting from September 21st, fromis_9 was managed under the management of Off The Record Entertainment, a new agency exclusively established for fromis_9 and Produce 48‘s final group IZ*NE.

The group released a special single album titled From.9 on October 10th, 2018, with the title song “LOVE BOMB” that reached over 10 million views on Youtube. Here is the music video of fromis_9’s “LOVE BOMB”:

Seoyeon’s Best Style Choices


Lee Seo-yeon casual fashion

The first one is a casual fashion style where Seoyeon wears a white t-shirt with denim overalls. To top it off, she also wears round glasses that make her look more petite than before. What do you think about her casual style?

Lee Seo-yeon airport fashion

The second one is Seoyeon’s airport fashion where she wears a blue checkered shirt and a skirt with a black shirt inside. She looks so pretty and gorgeous even with a simple but elegant outfit like this. What do you think about her airport fashion?

Lee Seo-yeon fashion

Another one of Seoyeon’s best fashion choices is the one where she wears a red long-sleeved sweater with a half-checkered half-denim skirt. She also wears high-heeled black boots that make her style look perfect. On top of it, her blonde-colored hair makes her just as gorgeous and makes her look like a model.

Seoyeon’s Instagram Posts

Just like any other celebrities, fromis_9 members also love to share their daily life as much as their idol life. They use the official account of fromis_9 in order to share their daily moments with their fans. Seoyeon also loves to share her photos in the account. Let’s take a look at the photos that include her in it!

Photos with her Roommates

In this photo, we can see the roommates of Seoyeon: Jisun, Nakyung, Chaeyoung, who are posing together with Seoyeon. Even if we just take a look at it once, we definitely can feel the strong bonds that tie the girls together!

Posing with Another 2000 Liner

If we look at this photo, Seoyeon took this photo at the same place as the previous photo. However, this time she only took it together with Chaeyong. Funnily, in the first photo and the second photo, Jisun is also caught in the photo which makes her captured candidly while the other two posed prettily.

Praying with Saerom

Cute Moments with her Best Friend

In this photo, we can see Seoyeon and Chaeyoung hugging each other. If we look at the caption, she reminds the fans to wear warm clothes, but the one that’s interesting is not the caption, but rather the hashtag. In one of the hashtags, there is one hashtag that says “Lee Chaeyong is mine,” which made the fans go crazy with the cute moment between the two. What do you think about this?

If you want to see more of Seoyeon’s posts, you can visit fromis_9’s official Instagram account here!

Latest News of Seoyeon


Lately, the members of fromis_9, including Soyeon, are actively participating in many kinds of television programs. The most recent program that she attended is 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championship – New Year Special that was aired on February 5th, 2019. However, there is no detailed news about her doing any solo activities or making a stage comeback with the group. So, those of you who wait for Seoyeon to actively appear on television again, you might have to wait for a little bit more until you can watch her appearance on television!

What do you think about former YG trainee as well as fromis_9 member Lee Seo-yeon? Have you started to like her and already feel like you are one of her fans? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this incredible solo artist and band member of fromis_9 in the comment section below!

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